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Extraordinary and Extra Challenging Puzzles Will Debut at 2008 American International Toy Fair

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) — Fundex Games will present a collection of jigsaw puzzle lines that will tantalize the taste buds and mesmerize the mind. Double Challenge, a new Great American Puzzle Factory® brand line, will debut at this year's American International Toy Fair, joining Jelly Belly® puzzles. These puzzles are targeted to both traditional and novelty-oriented puzzlers who seek the challenge of detailed, engaging, and colorful scenes.

The Jelly Belly 1000-piece puzzles include two titles; Jelly Belly Carousel Horse; an artful kaleidoscopic vision made up of 10,000 colorful jelly beans and Jelly Belly Pile of Beans; an explosion of colorful jelly bean flavors.

Kids will enjoy the sight and scent of the new Jelly Belly Scented Puzzles; 24-piece scenes that include actual scratch and sniff scents. Offering two titles, Very Cherry and Bubble Gum, the scenes feature two of the most popular Jelly Belly flavors.

"Our Jelly Belly adult puzzles have been top sellers," said Pat Duncan, Vice President, Fundex Games. "We know how much kids enjoy jelly beans and believe that a smaller piece count puzzle, with a fun feature, will be ideal for younger puzzlers."

Double Challenge, Fundex Games' new 550-piece puzzle line invites puzzlers to find images hidden within completed scenes. The four-title assortment includes Painter's Paradise, Sleepy Shopkeeper, A Picture of Health, and Kitty Garden. In Sleepy Shopkeeper, puzzlers are challenged to find over 1,000 items beginning with the letter S, including a sunflower, snake, skeleton, and schooner. Cat lovers will purr with delight as they search for the 85 cats hidden within the colorful Kitty Garden.

The new photo line, Fine Art Photography, features amazing scenic and still life images created with the use of specialized photo equipment and high definition printing. The four 1,000-piece titles – Biologico, Flavor Abundance, Hidden Beach and Hotel Sierra Nevada – seem to come alive with extraordinarily vivid colors and extra-fine resolution.

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