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Breaking New Ground On The Fight Against CHILDHOOD OBESITY: Preschool Product Line Inspires Long Lasting Healthy Habits – Without The Kicking and Screaming!

The Snack Time Survival Deck

Hartford, CT – February 9, 2009 — This month at Toy Fair in NYC, Beanstalk Express is pioneering a new genre of parenting products created to make children’s lives healthier, and their parent’s lives easier.

Debuting in booth #6454, Beanstalk Express will launch its first product, “Around The Clock! The SURVIVAL BOARD Parents Have Been Waiting For!” This innovative system engages children in the process of making their own choices for healthy snacks, physical play and creative activities from glossy photo cards in sold-separate “Survival Decks” which include, “The Snack Time Survival Deck,” “The Screen Time Survival Deck,” and “The After School Survival Deck.”

Beanstalk’s founder, Deirdre Pizzoferrato, who is also a Registered Dietitian, believes these products are arriving at a perfect time.

Last month, The Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics reported that childhood obesity is determined before the age of 5.

“We now know that obesity is determined during the preschool years – the years notorious for power struggles with our kids! And what are our biggest battles? Snacking, TV viewing and now video games! Without solutions, we often give in. This study reflects the long-term consequences that occur when children are not taught the skills of moderating certain behaviors,” said Pizzoferrato.

With an estimated 50% of children in North America expected to be overweight or obese by 2010, these products are in desperate need in households across America.

“Parents need help. I know because I am also the mother of 3 young children,” says Pizzoferrato. “My very first product was inspired because I had a need – and there were no available solutions.” The need, according to Pizzoferrato, was a way to help manage her twin toddler’s excessive snacking demands. After an exhaustive search for solutions, Pizzoferrato came up short.

“Instead of solutions, I found countless other moms in my same predicament,” says Pizzoferrato, who is also a Registered Dietitian. “But there was a difference – and that was ‘what’ our kids were snacking on. Most snack foods marketed to our children today are highly processed, and often high in sugar, fat and salt. When you take both of these issues in combination – excessive snacking and on calorically dense snack foods - it is no wonder why childhood obesity is so pervasive.”

This system gave instant relief to Pizzoferrato’s snack debacle. “I was amazed at how quickly they took to it,” explains Pizzoferrato. But she didn’t stop there.

“We can’t keep our kids in a bubble. I used to say, ‘My kids won’t eat junk food or play video games.’ Of course, this was before I actually had kids! The reality is, we have to help our children forge healthy relationships with certain elements of their mainstream culture. My kids transitioned easily into the ‘Screen Time Survival Deck’ and thrive on ‘earning’ their screen time minutes. They get exercise, make their beds, work on puzzles and play the Wii. And I don’t have to wrestle with the guilt. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

These products have one last added bonus, and that is what Pizzoferrato refers to as “stealth education” for parents.

“In the recent 2008 National Parenting Poll, conducted annually by the University of Michigan, Childhood Obesity was the number one concern on the minds of parents today – beating drug use, alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy! Parents are concerned, and want information. Our products provide vital information that is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply to their lives and their children’s.”

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About Beanstalk Express
Beanstalk Express was founded by Deirdre Pizzoferrato, Registered Dietitian with certification in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management, and an advocate for the prevention of childhood obesity. Deirdre’s greatest learning experience came with her “on the job experience” when trying to cultivate healthy eating habits in her young children. Faced with several feeding obstacles and very few solutions, Beanstalk Express was born. Developed with an idealistic vision, but with a pragmatic approach to solutions, Beanstalk Express is raising kids to healthy heights… full steam ahead! To learn more about Beanstalk Express, go to