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Mighty Monkeys Patch Introduces Mighty Monkeys to Pegging!

BELOIT, Wis.—Patch Products introduces a new element of fun to their popular Lauri® Tall-Stacker™ Pegging line with their unique new monkey pegs.

Kids will go bananas over the adorable Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey™ Pegs & Pegboard Set! The Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegs & Pegboard Set is a versatile teaching tool that helps build essential hand-eye coordination, fine-motor control and math skills during play.

Kids will think they’re just having fun stacking the colorful monkeys, but they’re actually sorting, counting, adding and subtracting. With education being a top priority in the Tall-Stacker line, the Mighty Monkey Pegs & Pegboard Set includes an activity guide that suggests several exercises to get started. Kids also will enjoy using their imagination to create their own Mighty Monkey formations and seeing how high they can stack the monkey pegs!

Besides the educational value, kids will also love that the colorful Mighty Monkey Pegs & Pegboard Set allows for pegs to go in either one of the monkey’s hands and 36 holes in its Lauri® crepe rubber pegboard.

In addition, each monkey peg can be used with the original Tall-Stacker Pegs for unlimited possibilities. As with any Lauri pegging product, The Mighty Monkey Pegs & Pegboard Set comes with a handy storage box with a carrying handle so kids can take their fun with them wherever they go.

For ages 2 and up. For more information on Patch Products and Tall Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegs and Pegboard Set visit or call 1-800-524-4263.

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