Toy News - 2011 - ‘The Cooking Club for Kids’ Hits the US
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BE Retail

‘The Cooking Club for Kids’ Hits the US

Be Retail are new players, breaking in the US market with a bang! They are an Australian based company and the creators of the number 1 selling toy line in Australia for two years running. With a primary focus on quality and education, they have designed a unique product line that will inspire a new breed of budding chefs.

With celebrity cooking shows as some of the most engaging and watched shows on TV, we are all heading back to the kitchen to try out new recipes and improve on our skills. The range of “The Cooking Club” Kids Cooking Kits allows kids to get amongst it all with their own safe, bright and fun tools, with an array of recipes that will make everyone’s tastebuds tingle.

The Cooking Club for Kids has been created to bring families back to basics, spending time in the kitchen and having fun together. Focusing on children 3+, the concept is to teach children skills that will last a lifetime and encourage them to step away from the TV and interact with their family. It’s no secret that with society changing and lifestyle technology increasing parents are looking for new ways to reconnect with their children, taking values back to their own youth.

The core material that is used is heat resistant silicone, which is cool to the touch when heated so safer for kids to use. Utensils are manufactured and designed with little hands in mind, so are smaller than adult tools meaning they are easy for kids to use. Each cooking kit contains a number of specially designed essential tools that can be used for both role-play and real-play, and 4 various recipe cards per kit to put the tools to good use.

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