Toy News - 2011 - Top Selling New Card Game Makes Its Debut on the World Stage at Toy Fair 2011
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Bag-O-Loot Card Game

Top Selling New Card Game Makes Its Debut on the World Stage at Toy Fair 2011

It's not often a brand new game gets put on the market and becomes the top seller in its first year, but for Bag-O-Loot, that's exactly what happened. Now the creators of this new card game are ready to introduce the rest of the country to Bag-O-Loot

Bag-O-Loot was designed with five goals in mind. (1) The game must not be so simple that it is boring. (2) The game must not be so complicated that you can't socialize while you play. (3) The game must be equally fun for all ages. (4) The game must be equally fun regardless of the number of players. (5) The game must leave you wanting to play again and again. Six months of intensive product testing and refinement went into reaching these goals. Then came the product market testing. Proper packaging and display materials were tested and refined. In the end they had a game that was easy to learn, fun to play, and marketed to the customer in an irresistible shiny gold sack - a Bag-O-Loot!

Bag-O-Loot was sold in a variety of 36 different stores throughout New Hampshire for the holiday season in 2010. Every store reported it was one of their best selling stocking stuffers of the year. Most stores had to restock more than once in the weeks just before Christmas. In two local outlets of a nationally recognized chain, Bag-O-Loot was the top selling non-sale item in the entire store.

In the end, the market penetration was impressive. A brand new game with no name recognition was now owned by 2.9% of the households in Belknap County, NH. an area with a population of 61,000. Store managers often reported noticing that a customer that bought one deck would come back a few days later and purchase three or four more to give as gifts.

One recent customer described his feelings about the game after playing it with his son. "Unlike most games that appeal to families, this one is actually engaging for the adults as well as the children. Too many 'family' friendly games are really childrens' games that adults can play but seldom really enjoy. Or, they are games that adults may find engaging but their children can never win unless we let them. 7 year old son is as good at it as I am."

Another new fan had this to say. "Bag-O-Loot is a game that combines strategy, luck, interaction, and emotions into one of the best new card games I have played in a long, long time." Buyers and retailers at Toy Fair 2011 will be able to get their first look at a product that has it all. Playability, likability, marketability, and off the chart returns per square foot.

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