Toy News - 2011 - Shhh ... Sneak Preview
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Shhh ... Sneak Preview

TEMECULA, Calif., Feb. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Some call him cute. Others call him cuddly. But when it comes right down to it, everything about Frohog is just plain nutty.

Today, we're giving you a sneak preview of Frohog, one of the nuttiest new toys of 2011.

Frohog (pronounced fro-hog) is the first of the 11 characters in the inaugural Nuttipetz collection to be revealed to the world by its creator, Luvmpetz.

Frohog is not your ordinary plush animal friend. He's one part feisty frog and one part happy hog. Throw in his Irish heritage, and he's a sweet yet sassy lad who brings smiles and good luck to everyone around him. Go ahead, rub his tummy three times and make a wish. You may be surprised at what happens.

He even has his own blog –

Here are a couple fun facts about Frohog:

  • OCCUPATION: Professional blogger who enjoys traveling, meeting new people and all of the finer things in life.
  • HIS HERO: His grandmother from County Mayo, Ireland. He got his good looks and good luck from her.
  • FAVORITE MEAL: A big juicy hamburger and side of French flies.
  • FAVORITE MUSIC: Hip-hop, of course. It keeps him moving and fit.
  • WHAT HE DOES ON HIS DAYS OFF: Rides his hog through the mountains.
  • FAVORITE LITERARY PIECE: "Hamlet." This one is a true classic.
  • FAVORITE ACTOR OF ALL TIME: It couldn't be anyone else but Kevin Bacon. He's got great hair and can really cut a rug!
  • SECRET CRUSH: Taylor Swift. What can he say, she's Taylor Swift!

The rest of the Nuttipetz collection will be unveiled Sunday, Feb. 13, at booth #4959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. It's going to be a huge hit with everyone who craves a little nuttiness in their lives, from young kiddos and tweens to collectors and CEOs.

Later this spring, Nuttipetz will unveil its mobile gaming application for smart phones. In addition, an interactive online world for Nuttipetz and their companions will go live in May, about the same time that the Nuttipetz characters start lining up on retail shelves everywhere.


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Luvmpetz International, LLC, is the creator of the Nuttipetz collection of unique plush animal friends that brighten the world in more ways than one. While the concept and the operations of Luvmpetz are all about creative fun and nuttiness, the purpose behind this venture is very serious and close to hearts of the company's founders. Luvmpetz is committed to making a difference, and as a result, the company is doing something that most companies would never dream of ... it plans to give up to 25 percent of the pre-tax income to children's charities and other charities. So, when a customer purchases a Nuttipetz product, that customer is also genuinely helping a child, family or animal in need, and that makes this purchase even more special.