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JAKKS Pacific 2012 Interactive Highlights

JAKKS Pacific enters the infant electronics category with the launch of Baby Watch™, the first ever wearable baby video monitoring system that gives parents the ultimate freedom and convenience to go about their daily tasks while keeping a close eye on their baby. This practical and technologically advanced baby monitoring system is convenient and portable with a color screen built into a wearable accessory such as a watch, necklace or belt clip. The Baby Watch has a digital 2.4GHz signal and up to a 500 foot range. Parents can wear the Baby Watch to help keep a watchful eye on their baby while working about their home.

The Baby Watch line features two versions that are perfect for busy parents at home or on-the-go and fits any budget:

The Baby Watch 1.0™ has a 1.77 inch color screen, water resistant portable monitor and high-tech features including night vision, a low battery alarm, and a 500 foot range! Battery life is up to 10 hours. Accessories include a belt clip and stand, EZ slap watch wristband and necklace attachment. SRP: $179.99 - $199.99

The Baby Watch 2.0™ WiFi Edition is perfect for parents on-the-go. It features a wireless WiFi connection from a home network router to smart phones, tablets, computers and WiFi-enabled TVs, allowing parents to check in on their child while they are at work or traveling. It includes a water resistant monitor with a two inch color touch screen and remote controlled camera. Additional features include WiFi/Internet connection and two-way communication. Battery life is up to 12 hours and a wide range for WiFi. Accessories include a baby monitor charging stand, smart device charging stand (charges most smart phones and tablets), standard watch band, EZ slap wrist band, necklace, belt clip and stand. SRP: $279.99 - $299.99

The Baby Watch line also offers a WiFi-enabled camera that connects to any WiFi-enabled smart phone, tablet, computer, or WiFi-enabled TV. This is for parents who plan on using their existing devices in place of the monitor screen. SRP: $79.99 - $99.99

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Action Shot™ Camera
For those who love to live and play on the edge, they can now capture their action-packed stunts with the Action Shot™ Camera. This portable mini-camera captures athletic and gaming adventures up-close with a front row view of all the action. Simply attach the Action Shot Camera to skateboards, bikes or helmets with the secure mounting system to record the most exciting thrills (and spills!) footage. The Action Shot Camera can record up to 20 minutes of your wild feats and then upload the footage through the built-in USB port to share (and shock!) your family and friends so they can experience your adventures! SRP: $49.99 (ages 7+).

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your Action Shot videos will be worth millions! Don't miss the opportunity to share high-def shots of your stunts online with the HD Action Shot™ Camera! SRP: $99.99 (ages 7+)

An entire line of accessories is available to bring your Action Shot Camera to the next level:

  • For instant viewing gratification, the Action Shot™ Cam Video Viewer Attachment lets you watch your footage on-the-spot. SRP: $29.99 (ages 7+)
  • Don't let the time of day limit your possibilities for action! The Action Shot™ Cam Flash Attachment is useful for filming epic stunts in dimly lit or nighttime settings. SRP: $19.99 (ages 7+)
  • If your desire for adventure takes you to the snow, sea, or surf, your Action Shot™ Cam Water Proof Case will ensure a good shot of all the action. Just click in your camera and dive in! SRP: $19.99 (ages 7+)
  • Even the greatest risk takers use caution when protecting their equipment. Just click in the Action Shot™ Cam Hi-Impact Case to protect your camera from the toughest falls so you can dare to go extreme! SRP: $9.99 (ages 7+)
  • The Action Shot™ Cam Mounting Accessories Kit helps you capture great shots from all angles or film your expression by simply mounting your Action Shot Camera from your bike, board or helmet with the EZ connect system. SRP: $24.99 (ages 7+).

Plug It In & Play TV Games™: The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Games
The newest addition to JAKKS Pacific's award-winning Plug It In & Play TV Games™ lineup is The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Game based on AMC's critically acclaimed original series, The Walking Dead. Fans of the hugely popular cable show can now try to survive the zombie outbreak firsthand. Capturing the look and feel of the series, The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Game allows gamers to experience the action adventure from a pump and shoot shotgun controller through multiple levels of zombie madness. Gamers will enjoy several game modes for long-lasting apocalyptic drama. As with all of JAKKS' TV Games titles, the controller simply plugs into the A/V jacks of any standard TV and contains multiple games inside each controller with no additional consoles or software required. While not yet rated, The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Games will be submitted for an ESRB "T for Teen" video game rating. SRP: $39.99 (ages 8+ / ESRB Rating Pending)

Plug It In & Play TV Games™: TV Games Touch
Touch Pad gaming is now available for any television! JAKKS has reinvented the popular Plug It In & Play™ line of video games so gamers can now touch, drag, point and tap controls just like they do on popular tablets and mobile gaming devices! Just like with all of JAKKS' Plug It In & Play TV Games™ titles, a TV Games Touch device simply plugs into the A/V jacks of any standard TV with no additional consoles or software required.

New TV Games Touch games include:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games Touch: For all SpongeBob SquarePants fans, this adventure features Spongetastic puzzle games that are action packed and hilarious just like everyone's favorite SpongeBob. Gamers can touch, drag, point and tap the screen to control the action! SRP $19.99 (ages 5+)
  • Star Wars TVG Touch: Gamers can play classic Jedi battles, fly ships, duel with their Lightsaber and blast away Droids to protect the galaxy. To defeat the Dark Side and save the Republic, simply touch, drag, point and tap the screen to control the action! SRP $19.99 (ages 5+)
  • Spider-Man TVG Touch: Sling webs and bash baddies with Spider-Man! By touching, dragging, pointing and tapping the controller, Spider-Man's fans can battle his most notorious villains like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and more! SRP $19.99 (ages 5+)

JAKKS has combined cutting-edge technology and entertainment to create two of the hottest toys based on best-selling smart phone and tablet apps! Partnering with Khush, the creator of the "Songify" app, and mega-platinum Grammy Award-winning artist, record producer and actor T-Pain, JAKKS has produced fun toys that kids and adults can spend countless hours creating, recording and sharing their own music with family and friends.

The top-selling app that has turned everyday moments into music is now available in the toy aisle! Even if you can't quite carry a tune, have no fear as this fun toy version of the popular app creates the melody for you! Simply speak into the toy and once you're finished, the app produces a song with pre-written background music that you can save and play back. The Songify app has had over 7 million downloads and 100 million songs created - be sure to add your song to everyone's playlist! (SRP: $19.99) Ages 5+

I Am T-Pain™ Mic
Aspiring musicians can transform their voices and sing like a Pro with a new generation of the I Am T-Pain™ Mic. Fans of mega-platinum Grammy Award-winning artist, record producer and actor T-Pain can now sound like the recording superstar who changed the face of modern music by revolutionizing the use of voice modification technology into a sound and style now known as "The T-Pain Effect™." The first edition I Am T-Pain Mic topped multiple industry and retailer "hot toy" lists and JAKKS Pacific will launch new editions of the popular original to bring even more T-Pain flair to every performance. And for 2012, JAKKS will be offering two great ways to 'Sing Like a Pro!' Would-be pop stars can sing live with the all new I Am T-Pain™ Mic "Gold Edition" that includes built-in beats for hot tracks at an everyday value price of $19.99. Boom! (ages 8+)

Spy Net™
Since its debut in 2010, JAKKS Pacific's Spy Net™ branded spy toys have delivered incredible innovation and "real tech" action play to kids of all ages. Nominated for four Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year Awards™ (2010 and 2011), as well as dozens of consumer and trade awards, Spy Net applies real world technology to kids' toys. With new breakthrough visual technology, Spy Net™ Ultra-Vision now joins the ranks of the Spy Net™ Video Watch and the Spy Net™ Night Vision Stealth Goggles as the must-have toy!

The all new Spy Net Ultra-Vision builds on the Night Vision Stealth Goggles technology with new and exciting ways to see your world! With five amazing features, Ultra-Vision is the most action-packed Spy Net gadget yet! (SRP $49.99)

Spy Net Ultra-Vision's cool features include:

  • NIGHT VISION is the award-winning feature that started it all! See up to 50 feet in complete darkness!
  • THERMAL-TECH lets you see the world in a red hot "thermal vision" effect, as seen in action movies and video games!
  • DAYTIME SURVEILLANCE is not only perfect for nocturnal maneuvers but Spy Net™ Ultra-Vision also provides a crystal clear view of all the action in daytime, too!
  • GHOST RECON: Capture 'shadow agents' with this awesome technology!
  • RECORD VIDEO and PHOTOS: take advantage of Spy Net™ Ultra-Vision's visual features, and record real video and photos! Capture Night Vision surveillance video to see what goes on in the dark. Easily snap photos with the "Thermal-Tech" effect! The video and photo feature works with all four of Ultra-Vision's visual modes and can be recorded onto any size MicroSD memory card (sold separately).

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