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Squaredy Cats

Kids Preferred and Squaredy Cats® Teach Young Girls to be Proud of Who They Are

Squaredy Cats® Plush Collection on Display at Toy Fair Booth 2866

East Windsor, N.J. (February 9, 2012) - Kittens are, and have always been, popular with little girls, so the latest line of Squaredy Cats® will definitely not disappoint! Squaredy Cats are soft, cube-shaped cats with big-eyes and unique personalities.

Designed in a variety of colors and themes, each cat celebrates an individual personality trait. Embroidered on the side of each toy is a tagline that describes its character, such as "Not Squared to Smile" or "Not Squared to Make Waves." These statements are a play-on words stemming from the term "scaredy cat" and are meant to foster individuality, originality, and self-expression and to encourage young girls to be proud to express who they are.

What really sets this line above the rest, in addition to their oh-so adorable designs, is the fact that Monkey Doodle Dandy, the creators of Squaredy Cats, have done their homework: they've taken time to interact with their fan base to see how their toys encourage a girl's emotional development. Dialogue with fans on Facebook and the Squaredy Cats blog influences the company's decisions on what cats to release. There is also an on-going and interactive movement amongst Squaredy Cats fans to produce and submit their own artwork representing their interpretation of Squaredy Cats. Through their interactive Facebook experience, fans can creatively express what they love about Squaredy Cats, as well as how the characters, and the art they've produced, make them feel. This is testament to the fact that Kids Preferred does its due diligence and takes an interest in their market and the children who interact with their products. Their philosophy is to offer products that connect with the people they're designed for, versus simply manufacturing a cute plush toy.

It is so important for girls to have a strong sense of self and to be proud of who they are. Squaredy Cats are a cute, relatable, cuddle-worthy collectable, and are a great way to encourage self-esteem among young girls! That's why Kids Preferred is proud to present their line of Squaredy Cats, 5" high and surface washable. The line includes Midnight (Not Squared of the Dark), Tiger Lily (Not Squared to go Wild), Candie (Not Squared to be Sweet), and Coolette, Zanie and Dazzle. Come and meet them, the gang's all here!

Look for the following items to be available in April 2012 at the Kids Preferred website, Squaredy Cats® - Ages 1+ - Pack of 6 5 inches We've got your favorite Squaredy Cats® characters, soft, durable, and oh so cute! Choose from: Coolette: Not Squared to be Hip, Candie: Not Squared to be Sweet, Tiger Lily: Not Squared to go Wild, Zanie: Not Squared to be Unique, Midnight: Not Squared of the Dark, and Dazzle: Not Squared of the Spotlight.

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Kids Preferred, LLC is an award-winning division of Kids Preferred, Inc., which was founded in 1983 and is one of the largest plush toy manufacturers in the U.S. Known for its superior quality and unique designs, Kids Preferred, LLC serves the specialty, juvenile, gift, and better department store trade by distributing soft toys and gifts under its own brand, private label and licensed brands including amazing baby™, asthma & allergy friendly™ - Healthy Baby™, Arthur™, Biscuit™, Classic Pooh®, Disney's Winnie the Pooh®, Disney's Mickey & Minnie, Disney Princess, Elmer, The World of Eric Carle™, Goodnight Moon, Greenzys™, The Gruffalo®, Guess How Much I Love You™, Harley-Davidson®, Jabbers™, kimmidoll junior®, Label Loveys™, Martha Speaks™, pat the bunny®, The World of Beatrix Potter™, Peep and the Big Wide World™, Puff the Magic Dragon, Smarty Kids™, Spot™ , The Snowman™, Special Delivery, Squaredy Cats® and Traykit®.

About Monkey Doodle Dandy
Monkey Doodle Dandy is based in Brooklyn, NY and specializes in product development, concept creation and style guide execution. Further information is available on the company's Web site at Squaredy Cats is licensed by Redasign Studio, a marketing and licensing company based in New York, spearheaded by Robert Reda and Kim Winkeleer, both long time industry veterans. For more information, visit the website at Also visit