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YBike Fairfield, NJ – February 10, 2010 -- YBIKE, a new award-winning line of Foot to Floor Toddler Ride-on/Balance Bikes will be introduced to the US market at the American International Toy Fair. YBike’s unique design makes it easy, safe and fun for children to develop balance and coordination skills while learning to ride a bike. Designed and conceptualized by Chrome Cherry Design Studio (CCDS), South Africa, the YBIKE will be exhibited at Booth 5161 at the Javits Center.

The YBIKE’s design, quality and attention to safety, make it a perfect first bicycle for toddlers. Its unique design enables toddlers to meet the challenge of independently riding a bike. Features include an extended front fork angle to allow for safe turning. Two closely aligned rear wheels help with balance but still allows a child to lean from side to side while turning. Other design features include high ground clearance to ensure safety regardless of terrain and large wheels for safe riding on uneven surface. YBike is made of high quality, smooth, durable injection molded plastic. YBIKE comes in 4 vibrant colors. (MSRP $69.99). Recommended ages 2 – 4.

The YBIKE Extreme is recommended for pre-schoolers ages 3 – 5. YBIKE Extreme is a more challenging, slightly larger version of the popular YBIKE. Its aluminum frame, narrower back wheel base and larger rubber wheels make it more advanced ride. YBIKE Extreme comes in two vibrant colors. (MSRP $79.99). Recommended ages 3 – 5. .

YBike Extreme YBIKE AND YBIKE EXTREME are lightweight and easy to transport. Assembly is easy: 5 minutes for YBIKE and 10 minutes for YBIKE EXTREME. In the early spring, YBIKE US will launch its FUNdamental Motor Skills early childhood and pre-school program, which includes activities that stimulate growth in motor skills, implemented and guided by the school's teachers.

According to Jaco Kruger, President of Chrome Cherry Design Studio, ““Independent testing by the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa revealed that children who used the YBIKE for 20–30 minutes twice a week showed substantial improvements in balance, coordination and self confidence. YBike’s success in Europe, Australia and South Africa has enabled us to establish distributors in almost every country in the world.”

Gregg Adelsheimer, President of National Sporting Goods, has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with ATM Sports Ltd of Ireland. He commented, “YBIKE has what it takes to be a strong selling product in the US specialty market. YBIKE complements our existing lines of junior wheeled goods and sporting goods. We are thrilled to bring such a high quality, well designed product at an accessible price point to the United States.”

National Sporting Goods is introducing two lines of YBIKE: The YBIKE (ages 2 - 4) and the YBIKE Extreme (ages 3 -5). YBIKE will be available at retail by May 15, 2010.

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National Sporting Goods (“NSG”), based in Fairfield, NJ, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of junior wheel goods and related sporting goods. Founded in 1963 today NSG specializes in selling its line of Chicago Skates (quad and in line), skateboards and is also the US distributor of Micro scooters.

ATM Sports is managed by Thomas O Connell, who previously ran an import and distribution company in the UK and Ireland specializing in unique wheeled products for children. ATM Sports are in partnership with CCDS to set up worldwide distribution for the YBike range.