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Jibbitz Creators Launch new Product at the American International Toy Fair

GeoPalz GeoPalz Activity Tracker uses strategy of “Walk to Win”.

Boulder, CO February 10, 2010 -- Jibbitz founders, Rich and Sheri Schmelzer and Alexandra O’Leary announce a new children’s product GeoPalz, at the American International Toy Fair, in New York, Feb 14-17 2010.

Aimed at addressing Michelle Obama’s “” initiative, GeoPalz is the first decorative activity tracker and online game that allows users to earn points through physical activity. With a simple message of “Walk to Win”, activity is converted to points that can be accumulated and redeemed at the website for free activity based products, sports equipment, games and educational based toys.

“We’ve seen too many popular children’s toys designed to keep kids plugged into their computers or glued to their TVs lately. We haven’t seen any product designed with an incentive to get them up and off their couches and outside playing, and that’s a real shame”, said Rich Schmelzer, CEO of GeoPalz, LLC. “The GeoPalz Activity Tracker was designed specifically to get kids motivated to become more physically active by converting activity into currency that can be redeemed for activity based products from our website. The bottom line is kids love winning free stuff!” Schmelzer stated. “The “Walk to Win” message will not only resonate with the children through the free products and unique designs, but with the children’s parents who know that the “Walk to Win” message translates to a healthier life.”

“Kids are not just thinking about the toys they’ll win, they want a variety of fun and stylish GeoPalz designs to accessorize with their mood or clothing,” said Sheri Schmelzer, Chief Design Officer for GeoPalz. “In our debut collection we accomplished just that. There is a design that suits every kid in the house, and every 3 months we will introduce new designs from princesses to bugs to rockets to rhinestones, whatever is trending at that time. I think it also helps that GeoPalz are produced in limited quantities, which will drive the collectability of each GeoPal caricature,” she added. “We’ve built our infrastructure to handle the type of extreme growth we experienced at Jibbitz”, said Alexandra O’Leary COO of GeoPalz, LLC. “To do that we’ve hired former Jibbitz team mates who are familiar with our customers, customer service philosophies and our previous distributors who understand the pace at which we do business.”

GeoPalz has also teamed once again with acclaimed Parent’s Choice Award Winning web Design firm, Slice of Lime. The team at Slice of Lime played a key role in the early success of Jibbitz by understanding how to create a fun interactive environment safe for children. Slice has been nominated for numerous Webby Awards for their creation of children’s web sites since their work at Jibbitz, and continues to lead the way with understanding how kids want to interact online.

GeoPalz are produced in limited quantities and retail for $19.99 each. Prior to the company’s website launch in Q2’10, consumers can reserve their GeoPalz at

Retailers can also purchase the product immediately by visiting the GeoPalz Booth #5059 at the American International Toy Fair in New York, Feb 14-17, 2010 or by visiting the company website and applying for a retail account.

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About GeoPalz
GeoPalz is a family owned business based in Boulder Colorado, comprised of Jibbitz founders Rich and Sheri Schmelzer and Alexandra O'Leary. GeoPalz personal activity trackers feature unique designs that motivate children through converting physical activity into "pedpointz" which can be redeemed for free activity based toys at

About Jibbitz
Jibbitz was born when Sheri Schmelzer’s and her 3 children began to decorate their twelve pairs of Crocs™ shoes. Schmelzer realized that fun, colorful accessories could be snapped into the holes of the shoes and be easily interchanged to create a new look. Crocs, Inc. (NADAQ: CROX) acquired Jibbitz in 2006. For more information about Jibbitz charms or to find a store near you that carries Jibbitz products, visit