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Hasbro Debuts Innovative SCRABBLE FLASH Word-Building Game

Hasbro introduces a modern twist on classic word-building games with SCRABBLE FLASH, which features five electronic freestanding tiles that use breakthrough SmartLink Technology to recognize tile placement and each unique word spelled during the game. The game will be available in Fall 2010. (Photo: Business Wire) SmartLink Technology Recognizes New Words Formed on Electronic Letter Tiles

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., Feb 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- How many words can you create using the letters A-C-E-R-S? "Ear," "Care," and "Races" are a few of the words that could be unscrambled in this letter puzzle. Add a time limit of 60 seconds and five electronic freestanding tiles that use breakthrough technology to recognize tile placement and each unique word spelled during the game, and you have Hasbro's newest word-building game, SCRABBLE FLASH!

As a leader in the word game category with family-favorite games SCRABBLE, UPWORDS, BOGGLE, and the new card game sensation SCRABBLE SLAM, Hasbro is providing another exciting word game for wordsmiths and quick-thinkers with a distinctive, modern twist - and without a game board. SCRABBLE FLASH, featuring 'SmartLink Technology,' provides a new experience each time the game is played, as the letters on the tiles change from game to game. SCRABBLE FLASH (known as BOGGLE FLASH outside of the U.S. and Canada) will be available in Fall 2010.

"Hasbro stands at the forefront of innovation in the word-building category by providing original and challenging game experiences," said Phillip Jackson, Group Executive of Games at Hasbro. "This year, we are excited to introduce the technology behind SCRABBLE FLASH and we look forward to providing players with a new level of word play entertainment."

SCRABBLE FLASH provides a fast, frantic and addictive play experience. The object of the game is to slide, swap and shuffle the electronic tiles to create as many three, four or five-letter words as possible in 60 seconds. This fast-paced word-building game uses 'SmartLink Technology,' which allows the five electronic tiles included in the game to "talk" to each other. When the SCRABBLE FLASH tiles are lined up to create a new word, the tiles will light up and beep. SCRABBLE FLASH tiles also keep time and score. This groundbreaking technology allows players to compete individually against the game and try to earn the highest score possible. Easily portable and hard to put down, SCRABBLE FLASH will have players hooked after the first game.

"Since its launch, SCRABBLE has been the archetypal word game, engaging people of all ages and around the world," says Chris Byrne, content director for aka The Toy Guy(R). "SCRABBLE FLASH leverages the essence of the brand, marries it with advanced technology and creates an exciting, new challenge everyone can enjoy. The game requires speed, smarts and spelling. It's perfect for families to play together, and that technological 'magic' adds a contemporary twist that will keep the competition - and the fun - going for a long time."

Three unique games can be played with SCRABBLE FLASH. In the "Flash"game, players try to find as many three to five-letter words as possible using the letters shown on the tiles. Five seconds are added to the play clock for every five-letter word formed. "Five Letter Flash" has players rushing to find the one five-letter word that uses the letters shown on the tiles. The game continues if the correct word is unscrambled. Play SCRABBLE FLASH with a group in "Pass Flash"where players take turns forming five-letter words.

Available this Fall at mass retailers nationwide, SCRABBLE FLASH is a one-player game that is recommended for ages 8 and up. SCRABBLE FLASH will be sold for the approximate retail price of $29.99.

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