Toy News - 2011 - Mom Makes Play In Toy Industry
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Mom Makes Play In Toy Industry

Vancouver, BC – (February 10, 2011) - After several years of family life with her husband and three sons, Reisa Schwartzman was frustrated to find games, not video games, that would engage her children in positive socialization, interaction and a fun atmosphere that they’d want to play over and over. She thought that it would be great if multiple ages could play these games together too.

Schwartzman combined her business experience (she also runs Cape Construction in Vancouver) and her sense of humor as a Mom to takeover and revitalize a struggling board game company.

The game company had pigeon-holed itself with a couple of sports-themed games and was not able to broaden sales beyond sports fans. Schwartzman took over the company and resurrected it as Griddly Games, Inc., a board game company that would offer family-friendly games. Griddly Games is named after the full ‘grid’ of people in the world, and its games would be redesigned for anyone to play; all ages to play together; and tackle the misconception of “bored” games.

First, she took the baseball game, and although she kept a lot of the jargon of the sport, the game was altered so that players did not really have to know all of the names of the teams, players or rules of the sport to be able to play the game. Griddly Headz Baseball was made to be fun for the sports fanatic, as well as everyone else, and everyone can play together.

After that, Schwartzman revamped Griddly Headz Hockey and Griddly Headz Racing, a NASCAR licensed game. Then she set out to create her own, completely original, new games.

In February 2008, Griddly Games took its first booth on a world stage, The American International Toy Fair in New York City. With over 1200 exhibitors and 5000 items from some of the biggest names in the toy business, Griddly Games emerged with its innovative product line-up and was selected to be showcased on CNN, as well as get mentions in several of the toy trade magazines. The Griddly Games booth was busy with non-stop traffic and a lot of excitement, propelling the business to expand.

The initial exposure at the show was great, but it was the tremendous amount of credibility that soon followed when the company and its products earned several game industry awards including a Top 10 Games Award from Dr. Toy, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, selections to Toy Wishes Magazine and a slot in the Washington Post for “The 2008 Best Games of the Year” list.

In 2009, Griddly Games added an all-new game, Wise Alec™, a game of trivia, tongue twisters, and sassy social strategy. It almost immediately won The Teacher’s Choice Award from Learning Magazine and the Dr. Toy 2009 Best Games award. Last year, Griddly Games added two slightly more sophisticated, but very economically priced social games, called Words of the Wise and Chronicles of the Mind. Both products just received the Mom’s Choice Awards as earned the National Parenting Center and Parents Choice awards, respectively.

Now, Griddly Games is set to launch its three new Wise Alec Travel Editions, that can also be used as Expansion Decks to the traditional Wise Alec board game, and an all-new abstract strategy game, called Mosaic 4.

According to Schwartzman, “Games are the perfect way to bring people together in wholesome fun. In today’s conditions, games are a great, economical entertainment solution for an entire family or group of friends. Every time you play them, the value of your investment increases. For less than a couple of tickets to a movie, you can own a game forever, and every time you play the game it is different.”

These days, Griddly Games are sold throughout Canada and the United States. Schwartzman looks forward to continue to grow Griddly Games for several more years. The product catalog now has more than a dozen product offerings, employs full time staff as well as numerous sales representatives, freelancers and consultants, and is always looking to expand by offering the most dramatic and fun products for the whole grid of the world to enjoy.

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About Griddly Games:
Griddly Games are games that get you going. The company based in Richmond, British Columbia creates award-winning party and board games that deliver innovative, engaging fun that brings people together. Founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mom from Vancouver, British Columbia, who took it upon herself to fill the void for products that deliver wholesome family fun that all ages could enjoy at once, Griddly Games creates games that inspire laughter and fun, while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. As a former educator, Schwartzman instills a strict company philosophy to offer games that encourage social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone (the entire grid of people) can enjoy. To discover more about Griddly Games, visit