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Scottsdale, AZ (February 10, 2012) - As Sqwishland the Live Internet Game takes on an all new look for 2012 (Release 3.0) so does the retail toy line. Sqwishland Retail, LLC has launched 8 new exciting SKU'S for 2012.

The new lineup includes two new paintable Sqwishlanders for the D.I.Y series (a Mommy Bloggers favorite). The Pig and the Panda will be joining the already popular Frog and Parrot in the D.I.Y family. Since the launch of Sqwishland in 2006, kids have been asking for a way to transport and show off their collections of Sqwishlanders. The all new "Collectors Bank" with two designs, Blowfish and Alligator, will serve as a traditional Piggy bank and double as a collectors display.

Sqwishland announces the launch of sqwAvatars into the new 2012 collections. Launching out with 30 sqwAvatar Kids, these Human like Characters will bring in a fresh new round of collecting for the collector. Each soft`n squishy™ Avatar Character, already favorites in the game, will physically stand twice the size of the Sqwishlander. Look for Hipster, Cowgirl and Swamp Thing, just to name a few.

Sqwishland up to now has focused on the "Surprise" element. Our new flagship line "Collector Series" departs from that approach. The collector will now have the opportunity to purchase their desired collectable from the six different Regions from the online virtual world of Sqwishland. Collector series will offer sqwAvatars and Sqwishlanders from the regions of Farm, Swamp, Sea, Jungle, Forest and the all new City. Sqwishland has created an all new Fashion Jewelry line for the young girl that will want to take her collection everywhere. Built around the already popular soft`n squishy™ bracelet now the girls can fully accessorize with the headband, barrettes, rings, and of course the bracelet.

Sqwishland "Surprise mix" had a complete packaging change to focus more on the Code /Collector card. For the beginner collector Sqwishland will now offer a flow pack. The SqwishPak™ will get kids to the game and starting their collections with the lowest price point in the line.

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SqwishLand, LLC distributes over 300 different soft`n squishy™ collectibles based on its hugely popular social gaming website, It is the first truly integrated Social Gaming platform with a full line of toy and fashion items for all kids 6 - 13 years of age. The company headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and has offices in Marion, Ohio and San Francisco, California.