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European Blockbuster Kapla Takes On the United States
European Blockbuster Kapla Takes On the United States

Savannah, GA What's Kapla? Once you know, you'll never forget! Kapla is a wonderful wooden building toy that has already swept Europe.

What's different about Kapla?
All Kapla blocks are exactly the same size and shape, challenging even the brightest imaginations with limitless building possibilities. Their 1:3:5 size ratio allows these plank-shaped blocks to hold themselves together with only weight, balance and gravity. Kapla has no snaps, no glue, no connecting parts. Out of these simple rectangular planks, kids and grown-ups alike have been captivated while building such masterpieces as a galleon fit for pirates and princes, monuments and palaces, villages, bridges, futuristic towers, and on and on. A favorite of children around the world, Kapla is ready to take on the clever and curious kids of America.

100% Green * Safe * Non-Toxic!
Kapla is made of Marine pine from renewable forests in France's Bordeaux region - a high quality, yet quickly renewable material that's easy on our earth. Cut from scraps too small to be used by the construction industry, Kapla planks are not chemically treated, and when colored, the dye used is 100% natural and non-toxic.

Fun can be Educational Too!
According to the National Association for Education of Young Children, building blocks help children learn socially, physically, intellectually and creatively. Karyn Wellhousen, author of the book Constructivist Approach to Block Play in Early Childhood, points out that children who play with blocks gain early academic skills, such as counting, sorting, classifying, identifying shapes and understanding relationships. In addition, research has shown that playing with blocks in group settings encourages kids to work together, and promotes language development.

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Toy News

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About Kapla
While restoring a 19th century chateau in the south of France, art historian Tom Van Der Bruggen created Kapla, its name meaning "pixie planks" in Dutch. Kapla has become a favorite toy in Europe since its introduction in the 80s, and in 2006, Kapla USA first introduced these innovative planks to the United States through museums, toy, and education specialty stores. Visit