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Prove Yourself a Worthy Master with Ninja versus Ninja™ - New from Out of the Box

Ninja versus Ninja™

Dodgeville, Wisconsin – Out of the Box Publishing announces the release of Ninja versus Ninja?, a quick and engaging two-player strategy game.

In Ninja versus Ninja, each player leads a team of six Ninjas to victory by eliminating all of their opponents or by skillfully venturing into the rival dojo and returning safely. Ninjas are rewarded for venturing further into the opponents dojo, but they run the risk of being eliminated themselves! A Ninja Master and a Shadow Ninja assist players in tracking the progress of their Ninjas.

Ninja versus Ninja includes two unique four-sided sword dice, two Ninja Master figures and 14 painted Ninja figures, designed by world renowned illustrator, cartoonist and writer, John Kovalic.

Ninja versus Ninja is an easy to learn strategy game with just the right combination of skill and luck—great for families, as well as more serious gamers.

Ninja versus Ninja is for 2 players, ages 8 to adult and is available for $24.99 from and at many specialty toy retailers.

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