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Are you a part of the Kooky Kraze?
Some Schools Ban This Hot Collectible from Campus

Kids are crazy about Kooky Klickers™, today’s hottest line of innovative and fun collectible pens. Each Kooky is uniquely named, numbered and released in limited “Krews” making them ideal to collect and trade. First launched at independent specialty retail stores on the east coast, the Kookys have moved westward and continue to gain in popularity. Because of their unique personalities, both boys and girls can relate to them.

In fact, kids love Kookys so much that they often bring them to school to use in class as well as to share their collections and trade with other Kooky fans. As a result, some schools have banned Kookys from campus because kids are interrupting class time with Kooky time!

Kooky popularity can be seen in places like YouTube , the video sharing website, which features many videos created by avid fans including Kooky dances, talk shows and even music videos! Fans have also created pages and fan groups on Facebook and MySpace. Kookys are also receiving popular reviews on blogs making them a favorite with moms and teachers alike. In addition, collectors are buying and selling Kookys on ebay, the online auction website, and through other collector channels. In January, the Kooky Klickers were named a top item for the Whitehouse children by

The Kooky Klickers, approximately six inches in length, are comfortable in both child and adult hands and are topped with thin flexible stringy hair that bounces with each pen stroke. Each Kooky character pen is designed with different colors, body artwork and hair and each has a unique name such as “Pizmo,” “Spyro,” or “Izzi,” and a birth order number and holographic sticker on the back. The pens are sold at independent and national specialty retail stores across the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $3 - 5 each.

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