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It's Only Natural: New Eco-Friendly Idbids™ Debut in `Green' Booth at 2008 Toy Fair
Idbids teach iddy biddy steps make a big difference in keeping the Earth happy, healthy & green Eco-Friendly Toys

ATLANTA (Feb. 12, 2008) – It may take a little more green – and a lot more time and attention to detail – but one eco-friendly toy company is using its display at the Toy Industry Association's 2008 American International Toy Fair® to bring to life its mission that small steps can add up to a big difference in protecting the environment.

Idbids, a new brand of huggable, lovable characters whose mission is to teach children to take iddy biddy steps each day to make a big difference in keeping the Earth happy, healthy and green, is making its debut in – what else – but a "green" booth constructed of organic, eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Given the mission and design of the Idbids toys, the decision to build a green booth was only natural, says Idbids, LLC, co-founder Sarah Alvarez. Idbids strives to make its products – from the plush toys to the packaging – using organic, recycled or eco-friendly materials that are respectful to the environment. Idbids plush toys, for example, are made of 100 percent organic Egyptian cotton, and the packaging is made of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

"Our goal is to use eco-friendly products in as many aspects of our business as possible, and our space at the Toy Fair is no exception," Alvarez says. "The Idbids teach that small steps collectively can mean a big difference to the environment. And this is one of those small steps that we can take to make a difference as a company."

Toy Fair attendees won't see one of the booth's greenest attributes – the framework is constructed using an eco-friendly particleboard, rather than traditional Lauan plywood, a nonrenewable hardwood resource that is harvested from rain forests. In addition to conserving hardwood trees, the Earth-friendly particleboard, called SkyBlendTM, is produced with phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin, which emits significantly lower levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogenic volatile organic compound (VOC), than the industry-standard urea-formaldehyde (UF).

"To ensure we protect the integrity of our environmentally-conscious approach to developing this space, it's important to look at all of the materials we're using," says Tabetha Payne, spokeswoman for Exhibits South, which constructed the Idbids green booth. "We believe all the materials used in building the booth are important – both the materials you see and the materials you don't see."

One material that Toy Fair attendees will see is the environmentally friendly white and green laminates used to construct the booth's panel exteriors and hard surfaces. The high-pressure laminate, manufactured by Nevamar® Decorative Surfaces, is comprised of up to 60 percent paper, of which more than 33 percent is residue wood chips collected from the lumber-manufacturing process. Up to 10 percent of trimmings in the paper-making process are recycled back into making more paper (post-industrial recycle content).

Guests to the Idbids booth can also look under their feet for an additional green detail – the floors are constructed of Smith & Fong Plyboo®, a type of wood that is manufactured using bamboo instead of traditional hardwoods. Mature bamboo has an extensive root system that continues to send up new shoots for decades and, unlike traditional hardwoods, does not require replanting when it is harvested.

While the company has brought numerous eco-friendly elements to its booth, businesses of all sizes can take Idbids' mission to heart and take small steps to help protect the Earth.

"Even if a company commits to using eco-friendly materials in one or two aspects of their booth or incorporates small Earth-saving steps into their daily operations, then they've helped in creating a big change," says Debbie Smith, co-founder of Idbids.

Iddy Biddy Steps
Scout, Lola and Waverly are three colorful plush toys with green feet and distinct personalities. Each one is dedicated to a particular environmental element. Scout is a soft, fluffy white cloud who is knowledgeable about the air and becomes a bit cranky when he thinks about air pollution. Lola, the flower of the bunch, teaches children about trees and plants. And Waverly is a bright blue water drop who cares deeply about the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

One 9-inch plush toy – Scout, Lola or Waverly – comes in a kit that includes a cinch sack for the child to wear, a storybook and a field guide that takes children on a journey of discovery to learn the iddy biddy steps they can take to protect the environment. The Idbids kit is designed to show children a small piece of a larger "green" picture – and how one child's small steps can help a bigger cause.

The storybook and field guide teach children day-to-day, iddy biddy Earth-saving steps, from turning off the water when they brush their teeth to picking up and disposing of trash – and remembering to wash their hands! When children complete all activities listed in the field guide, they are rewarded with an Idbids Certificate of Completion and a pair of eco-friendly green Idbids shoelaces to wear as a reminder to continue practicing their iddy biddy steps for a greener world.

In addition to teaching about environmental conservation, future Idbids products will utilize the same eco-friendly products and "iddy biddy" educational technique to address lessons that range from nutrition to manners.

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Idbids, LLC, is headquartered in Atlanta and creates fun toys that teach children “iddy biddy steps make a biggie big difference” in keeping our Earth happy, healthy and green. Idbids toys are manufactured using organic, recycled or eco-friendly materials. In addition, Idbids’ packaging materials are made from environmentally friendly or recycled materials. For more information, visit, or call 1-877-4IDBIDS (1-877-443-2437).