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Basic Fun Unleashes Madballs Series II
Madballs Series II

Southampton, PA – Basic Fun will introduce its second series of both Classic and Sick styles of Madballs at the International Toy Fair, February 17th – 20th at the Javtis Center, New York, NY. Based on the success of Series I, these freaky-looking rubber balls with grossly sculpted faces and graphically colorful names like Oculous Orbus and Freaky Fullback will be reintroduced to a new generation of kids, teens and collectors in 2008.

Originally unleashed in 1986, Madballs were considered absolutely repulsive and immediately became wildly popular! This success paved the way for a new generation of charmingly repulsive merchandise. Alan Dorfman, President of Basic Fun, spoke enthusiastically about the brand saying, “Madballs are the right product for the right time – the brand has the perfect synergy: it’s gross, funny and totally irreverent. We love the opportunity to bring Madballs to a new generation. And with a few new twists, Madballs will be even more disgusting and hilarious than ever!”

The Madballs Classic Series II includes six styles of soft foam rubber balls that are approximately the size of a baseball. Each ball is highly detailed with an outrageous face bursting with personality. They include: Blech Beard, Freaky Fullback, Oculus Orbus, Swine Sucker, Wolf Breath, and Dust Brain. Madballs Classic Series II will begin shipping in Spring of 2008.

The Madballs Sick Series II takes “the yuck factor” up a notch with three styles, sized slightly larger, with over-the-top, repulsive functions. For example, squeeze Freaky Fullback and his cracked helmet bubbles out…and so do his brains! Blech Beard’s (the mutant pirate) eye patch opens and his bad eyeball bubbles out when you squish him! And with a single squash to Dust Brain, this mummy’s head bubbles through his bandages to reveal creepy worms and maggots! The Madballs Sick Series II will also begin shipping in Spring 2008.

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