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Funsize™ Games New Funsize™ Games with a twist!

Los Angeles, CA – Funsize™ is a great new range of games featuring some of the most popular Imagination board games with new content, a twist in game play and a $9.99 price point.

Quelf “Antics” – Make it a party to remember anywhere, anytime with the latest version of the 2009 hot party game, Quelf. It’s a case of charades gets punk’d as you immerse yourself in unpredictable acts of random silliness. The first player to finish all the “Antics” on their card wins!

Battle of the Sexes “Couples” – Let’s find out how much “Couples” really know about each other as men and women battle it out to prove who knows more about each other. The couple with the highest score at the end of the game by correctly guessing the answers given by their partner wins!

Fact or Crap “Dare” – It’s time to wow the opposition with how much you know and prove how far you’d go to win, in the fast paced game of bizarre trivia, outrageous dares and personal truths.

Each token you play with has its own truth or dare concealed within it. Answer trivia questions incorrectly and perform the dare or tell the truth. Refuse to perform and you’re opponents win the right to make up a dare for you! The player with the most tokens at the end of the game is the winner, but not for long … you’ll be daring each other to play again!

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About Imagination Games
Imagination Games is a global, multi-platform games and Media Company that creates produces and distributes the most compelling, interactive entertainment to the world including Quelf, Fact or Crap and Battle of the Sexes.
With interests across radio and television, interactive television, traditional games and puzzles, DVD games, console games, mobile gaming, video-on-demand and downloadable games, Imagination has reinvented the way people play interactive entertainment. Imagination distributes products in North America, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, and under license in 43 countries. It has offices in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.