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Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella and Others Added to Playroom’s Scary Tales™ Games

Prince Charming vs Hansel New York, NY – (Feb. 12, 2010) – Playroom Entertainment’s wicked twist on classic fairy tales, which debuted as Scary Tales™ games, is now adding four new characters to the mix.

Scary Tales (MSRP $15 for ages 13 and up) is an expanding line of games that each contains two classic fairy tale characters. As the series expands players will have the opportunity to choose any character to challenge any another character or characters for up to eight players playing at once.

Playroom Entertainment published the first two of Reiner Knizia’s Scary Tales™ card games with the battles of Little Red Riding Hood vs.

Pinocchio and Snow White vs. The Giant. This year, Cinderella, Price Charming, Hansel (of Hansel and Gretel), and The Big Bad Wolf join the battle.

The new Scary Tales games: Prince Charming vs. Hansel and The Big Bad Wolf vs. Cinderella are the new match-ups. However, players can choose any character from any of the Scary Tales games to challenge any another character, or join a group to play against more than one character at once. For example in a battle of princess supremacy, Snow White can challenge Cinderella, or for a larger epic onslaught, The Giant, Prince Charming, The Big Bad Wolf and Pinocchio can all pit forces against one another at once.

The setting for Scary Tales is a kingdom without a king and all of the characters trying to become the new ruler.

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