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The Original Rock Tumbler™: Rockin’ and Rollin’ for more than for 35 years!

The Original Rock Tumbler NSI International Inc., a global manufacturer of innovative science and crafts products announced a major milestone for one of their core products today; the sale of their 3 Millionth Rock Tumbler.

The Original Rock Tumbler, the first home-consumer version of a rock tumbler, was invented by NSI more than 35 years ago and has been a staple in the toy and craft market ever since.

“Although often imitated, no other manufacturer has been able to replicate the quality and performance of The Original Rock Tumbler.” said Raina Konigsberg, VP of Sales.

“While it has gone through some revisions over the years, mostly to improve performance and meet the latest safety standards, the product is essentially unchanged – it tumbles rough rocks into polished stones just as it always has. It is a simple play pattern that kids have loved for generations and continue to appreciate today.”

The Original Rock Tumbler™ is available at retailers nationwide for around $34.99. It includes everything you need to tumble rough rocks into polished stones including the machine, rocks, grit, polish and accessories to make rings, key chains, necklaces and bracelets.

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NSI International Inc. is a global marketer and manufacturer of creative toy and consumer products including Magic Rocks™, Smithsonian® Science kits, and its own craft and activity brands. NSI’s products can be found in thousands of retail locations in more than 30 countries around the globe.