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Labyrinth The Duel Game Night Will be More Fun than Ever with These Exciting New Games for the Whole Family

(Virtual Press Office) - Ravensburger has always been known for family entertainment and in 2010 the fun continues with a full slate of new games designed for hours of fun! Whether it is preschoolers or adults, family or friends, smiles and laughter are sure to ensue when playing these fun, new games from Ravensburger.

Jungle Jive! is a new game featuring a most egg-citing test of balance, coordination and flexibility – all with an interactive egg! Players must complete five of the 36 exercises without waking up the snoozing bird inside the egg to win this fun party game! Three levels of difficulty challenge ages six and up.

Kids ages five and up will have fun watching their garden grow in the Disney Fairies™ Magical Flower Garden Game. Players choose a flower and move their way to the magical water pool to collect droplets to sprinkle on their flower to help it grow. As more water is added, the flower begins to bloom. The first to bloom, wins!

Kids will Play & Learn with four new classic preschool games that allow children to develop basic learning skills while having fun! Spell it Out! will help develop reading skills, Airplanes to Zebras focuses on letter association, Can You Match It? works on language skills and Ready, Set, Count! helps develop counting skills.

LabyrinthThe Duel is the latest addition to the successful Labyrinth series which includes such award-winning games as Labyrinth, Master Labyrinth, Junior Labyrinth, 3D Labyrinth and Labyrinth Card Game. In this newest offering, two players compete as they shift their 15 tiles simultaneously on their own separate board. The player to create a path connecting two treasures first wins this extremely fast-paced duel for ages eight and up.

Use wooden tongs instead of your hands in Make ‘N’ Break Challenge, a tense one-on-one building game for ages eight and up. One card is selected and players race against each other to complete the structure on the card using wooden blocks and tongs. Complete your building first and win the card. The one with the most cards at the end wins! The Make ‘N’ Break Challenge is the latest in the highly successful collection including Make ‘N’ Break Extreme, the original Make ‘N’ Break and Mini Make ‘N’ Break.

Reach a tropical island destination and collect exotic treasures by opening sea cards to reveal your voyage in the new Tonga Island. The folding board tiles offer unique game play and no two games are ever alike with the random board layout that’s fun for the whole family. For ages six and up.

The award-winning FITS puzzle game debuts in a great travel size in Mini FITS where players try to arrange the differently shaped tiles onto their board in the best way possible in order to obtain the most points.

And finally, Ravensburger will launch a thrilling sequel to the award-winning game, Scotland Yard, called Mister X®. For over 20 years Mister X® has been an infamous phantom who has eluded Scotland Yard. Now players can try to catch him in Europe in this intriguing new game for ages ten and up.

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