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Twilight - Puzzleball For the First Time, puzzleball® Designs from Ravensburger will be Available at Mass Merchandise Outlets

(Virtual Press Office) - Highly popular at specialty stores across the country, puzzleball® designs from Ravensburger will now be available at mass merchandise outlets in 2010. With uniquely curved plastic pieces for a precision fit and a perfectly smooth surface, puzzleball® designs from Ravensburger are the highest in quality and design. With just the right piece count for every age, there is something for everyone.

New puzzleball® designs featuring some of today’s consumers’ favorite characters will debut in 2010. The anticipated sequel to Iron Man, Iron Man 2, will hit theaters on May 7 and the newest film in the Twilight series, The Twilight Saga – Eclipse, will be released on June 30. New puzzleball® designs based on these exciting new movies will hit store shelves in conjunction with their releases.

The DVD release of The Twilight Saga – New Moon is scheduled for March 21 and new puzzleballs including three 60-piece designs with the film’s popular characters as well as a 240-piece design including base stands will debut.

The Hello Kitty® line of puzzleballs will expand to include a large 60-piece puzzleball® with a base stand and accessories; two styles of 60-piece puzzleball® designs with a string for hanging as well as base stands; two 60-piece styles including base stands and a 240-piece design with a peace and love theme will complete the line.

Fairies-Mobile - Puzzleball Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy will be featured in four unique 60-piece puzzleball® designs based on the timeless classic, Peanuts.

Once completed, the puzzleball® Fairies-Mobile can hang from the ceiling to create an enchanting fairy kingdom for any room! The set of six designs includes five 60-piece and one 96-piece puzzleballs and includes a display cloud and string for hanging. And when the lights go off, they glow in the dark! Fairies will also come to life in the line of puzzleball® designs shaped like hearts! The four ethereal 60-piece designs include string so they can be hung as well. Fairies will travel the world in sparkly style on a 96-piece Fairy Friends Glitter Globe puzzleball® with actual glitter on the pieces.

Puppies, kitties, colts and baby elephants are featured in the 60-piece Animal Babies puzzleball® line making its debut in 2010. And, each animal baby puzzleball® includes a fact sheet with interesting information about the animal featured. In addition, an Enchanting Princess will make her regal debut in a 96-piece design. The 240-piece series will feature several new additions including a New York City themed puzzleball® celebrating the highly recognizable skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and fireworks filling the sky. Dogs of many breeds and sizes will tickle the fancy of dog lovers everywhere and a kitty looking longingly into a fish bowl will delight cat lovers. And for the ultimate in puzzleball® creations, 540-piece versions including a dolphin cavorting under water and a Gothic princess in a dream world will also debut.

The Christmas puzzleball® collection will expand to include a brightly-colored glittery collection and a series featuring traditional Christmas themes and images will be offered. Each includes a decorative string so that they can be hung on any Christmas tree!

And finally, Ravensburger introduces a new sound-activated light stand for the puzzleball® that will illuminate the completed design with magical light. Simply clap your hands to turn it on, increase the level of lighting or turn it off. The new stand fits 96-, 240- and 540-piece puzzleballs.

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