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La Dee Da


Here's the stitch-uation: La Dee Da is an outrageous fashion label created by a talented teen named Dee and her 3 BFFs. These girls find inspiration everywhere they look. Even ordinary things inspire HAUTE fashion and design ideas! Whether it's shakeup makeup, fierce outfits, or crazy purple curls, Dee and her friends always go for the bold. La Dee Da invites real girls to create, imagine, and express themselves through a new kind of fashion play. It's dee-licious!

Age: 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
New for Fall 2012!

The Air Hogs Battle Tracker brings true physical battle play right into your home! With 3+ ways to play, you can engage in an interactive battle between the all new disc firing heli and the missile firing Automated Robot Turret (A.R.T.). Choose autonomous control to have the turret track and attack the helicopter automatically or take manual control of the turret and launch the 12 missiles via remote control! Fly the heli into position and shoot up to 7 rapid-fire discs to deactivate the turret and claim victory! The remote holds additional ammo for quick reloads and storage.

Age: 8+
Suggested Retail Price: $99.99
New for Fall 2012!

Appfinity takes interactive gaming to a whole new level! Discover incredible applications for your iPhone, iPod and Android device, Appfinity provides hours of tech savvy fun. Make the most of your smart device with the Appfinity brand of mobile gaming platforms!

Appfinity brings two all new items for Fall 2012:
Appfinity Appfishing:
Take the excitement of fishing to a new level with the Appfinity Appfishing Rod. With real casting and jiggling it uses device gyro to simulate real fishing experience. Reel and casting button connected through touch-pad technology.

Ages: 8+
Suggested Retail Prices $19.99
New for Fall 2012!

Appfinity AppDrive:
Put the pedal to the metal with the Appfinity AppDrive; an all new way to race! Take to the streets with racing, to the air with flight games or head off road with motocross games for non-stop action. Four console designed buttons create a seamless driving experience.

Ages: 8+
Suggested Retail Prices $19.99
New for Fall 2012!

Crazy Cubes are the hottest new collectible on the market! Taking traditional marble play and making it crazy fun. Each one comes with its own unique combination of shooter, marble and accessories to enhance game play. Every Crazy Cube comes with its own matching marble brain and collector card. With over 50 to collect, and 10 teams to choose from, each team has one rare cube with changing eyes or changing mouth. With crazy teams like Fight Master, Circus, Arctic, Forest and so much more there are so many ways to play and so many ways to knock stuff down!

Age: 5+
Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 and up
New for Fall 2012!

Spin Master is leading the way in innovation and design and bringing NASCAR back to mass market retailers.

With a full product line up for 2012:

NASCAR Bashers:
On track excitement has come to NASCAR toys for the first time in a fun and fantastical way. Redefining what the true NASCAR toy experience should be the NASCAR Bashers line features cars and haulers that burst open with the energy and excitement of a NASCAR race. The product features the sport's top drivers including Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and the 2011 Sprint Cup Series Champion Tony Stewart among others.

Age: 5+
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99
New for Fall 2012!

NASCAR Authentics:
In the highly popular 1:64 scale these diecast cars replicate actual NASCAR cars. The cars feature detailed replica graphics and are designed to appear like they are racing around the track at 200mph.

Age: 3+
Suggested Retail Price: $4.99
New for Spring 2012!

Air Hogs 1:24th R/C NASCAR
Experience the thrill of NASCAR as you step behind the wheel of a full function 1:24th R/C stockcar! Each car features a race-inspired design and has a range of up to 30ft! Choose from Dale Earnhardt Jr (Amp Energy or National Guard), Tony Stewart (Office Depot) and Jimmy Johnson's (Lowe's) cars and create your own starting grid! With multiple R/C frequencies so now; you're in control of the race!

Age: 5+
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
New for Spring 2012!

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