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Glow Sand Ball

Crayola Inspires Outdoor Works of Art that Pop, Reflect and Glow

New Crayola Outdoor Line Up Lets Kids Create BIG Art with Cool Effects!

EASTON, PA - February 12, 2012 - The new additions to Crayola's line of outdoor art activities lets kids' imaginations run wild, exercising both their mind and body at any time of day…or night! The new line up inspires kids to create BIG art that does more than decorate sidewalks and driveways; it actually jumps to life in 3D, reflects and glows for hours of outdoor fun! Crayola's new 3D Kaleidoscope Giant Chalk helps kids to easily create 3D art and experience Kaleidoscope effects as they put on special glasses. The swirling and twirling fun doesn't stop there; the new 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Set has everything kids need to design eye popping art that jumps off sidewalks and driveways and into their imagination!

Crayola is also extending the hours of active, creative play in a day with the new Glow Sand Ball. Kids are sure to have magical, twilight fun when tossing around this special ball that glows for up to four hours.

Crayola is helping kids experience sidewalk art in amazing new ways - with awesome 3D and Kaleidoscope effects! With Crayola's 3D Kaleidoscope Giant Chalk, kids simply draw their design on the sidewalk, put on the 3D kaleidoscope glasses and watch as their creations pop off the ground and become a unique twirling design right before their eyes. The dual-ended chalk pieces make creating this 3D art easy and give kids even more colors to choose from. The Giant Chalk also lasts seven times longer than regular chalk for extended creative 3D fun!

Moms will appreciate that the 3D Kaleidoscope Giant Chalk is washable from sidewalks and driveways - simply spray away with water. The set includes four giant dual-colored chalk sticks, Kaleidoscope 3D glasses and a how-to booklet for easy use

Crayola's 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Set has everything kids need to create eye popping, BIG, outdoor art that jumps off of sidewalks and driveways. The set even includes stencils and a special chalk tool so kids can design their own galaxy of stars or deep sea adventures, and then watch as their adventures come alive with the 3D kaleidoscope glasses.

Moms can have peace of mind because the 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Set is washable from sidewalks and driveways - simply spray away with water. The activity set includes 8 dual-colored chalk sticks, Kaleidoscope 3D glasses, one wide writer chalk tool, 6 stencils and a how-to booklet for easy use.

Crayola's new Glow Sand Ball provides a unique twist to classic ball play with a glowing twilight activity that features two fun ways to play! Kids simply fill the ball with both packets of Crayola Glow Sand, shake to activate the glow and then let the good, glowing times begin by tossing the ball anywhere kids dream up. Kids can also use the glow sand ball in "release mode" to shake the glow sand free as the ball bounces, creating fantastic glow-on-the-ground sand designs in multiple glowing colors! With two fun ways to play and a glow that lasts for up to four hours, kids will be having magical, twilight fun long after the sun goes down!

The Glow Sand Ball includes the Glow Ball, 3 glow sand packets and a funnel.

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