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My First Crayola

For Little Hands with Big Potential

Crayola launches "My First Crayola" art supplies and activities designed for little hands

EASTON, PA - February 12, 2012 - When it's time for toddlers and preschoolers to create their first marks on paper, there's now an art tool that's just right for their colorful expression to begin! Crayola's new "My First Crayola" line is designed for little hands and includes three ways for children to create -- with art tools, mess-free art activities and creative activities featuring dry-erase crayons and music. The core art tools include washable crayons, markers and stampers designed for children as young as 12 months to grasp in their palm, making it easy for tiny tots to create, express and connect with color. Also included are a wide range of mess-free and creative activities for bath time fun, finger painting and creating musical crayon rubbings.

Each age and developmentally appropriate My First Crayola art product lets moms introduce her children to art activities at a much younger age and nurture the development of important skills. These colorful art experiences help children develop gross and fine motor skills, dexterity and early literacy, as they grow their confidence and independence. My First Crayola art tools progress from easy-to-grasp crayon and marker holders and stampers to triangular shaped crayons that guide a child's hand into a writing grip to traditional markers with rounded tips.

Core Art Tools:

My First Crayola Washable Crayons, Markers and Stampers are just the right size and shape for a toddlers' little hands. The rounded holders are shaped for the proper palm grip for a child's first artistic expressions, and they also come in adorable animal characters that provide hours of added play. Toddlers can create colorful marks or stamp out bright designs! Moms appreciate that the crayons, markers and stampers are washable. Plus, crayons and markers have no caps to lose and the stampers have no messy ink pads. The crayons, markers and stampers each include 2 cute characters. Each crayon and marker holder snaps into a base.

Mess-Free Art Activities:

Toddlers can have clean, colorful, creative fun with the My First Crayola Mess-Free Marker & Paper. The marker holder is sized just right for toddlers' small hands, so they can hold it securely in their palm. When used on the magic paper, the marker instantly reveals bold colors and designs. Since the marker only works on the special paper, moms will love that there is no mess to clean on skin, walls or clothes. The set includes one mess-free friendly cow character-marker and 15 sheets of magic paper.

My First Crayola Mess-Free Finger Painting allows toddlers to create with brilliant colors, without the mess for mom! The special finger paint instantly reveals colorful, fun patterns on the magic paper and won't appear on skin, walls or fabric. The set includes a 3oz. tube of mess-free fingerpaint and 15 sheets of magic paper. With the My First Crayola Mess-Free2-in-1 Doodle Board, little ones are sure to enjoy twice the doodling fun without the mess that moms so appreciate! The "water drawing" surface magically reveals bold colors providing little ones with lots of space to create using the refillable water pen. Double the creativity by flipping over to the sealed gel painting surface and children will get the feel of finger painting, but without the mess of paint. The set includes the double sided board and refillable water pen.

My First Crayol Mess Free Marker & Paper

Creative Activities:

Little ones can easily create bathtub masterpieces and turn their tub into an art studio with the My First Crayola Bath Crayons. Little hands can easily grasp the cute character bath crayon holders in their palms to unleash their creativity on the two-sided canvas. One side contains a cute design for little ones to fill in with color and the other side is blank for open-ended scribbles. The canvas adheres to the tub wall with ease, and rinses clean so the colorful, creative fun can continue when its bath time again. Included is a dual-sided bath canvas, two bath crayons in cute animal characters and two refill bath crayons that can be inserted into the holder when the original bath crayons wear down.

Perfect for colorful on-the-go creativity, the My First Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Mat features 12 activities that slip into place in the map so little ones can draw, erase and draw again with Crayola Washable Triangular Dry-Erase Crayons. The crayons' triangular shape guides little fingers into a "tripod" or writing grip. The mat folds up easily and features carrying handles and built-in storage for convenience and portability. The fun is endless, as the dry-erase colors cleanly and easily wipe off the mat. The set includes a portable activity mat, 12 reusable activity sheets, 4 Washable Triangular Dry-Erase Crayons and an erasing cloth

Your child will be captivated with surprising sounds while creating adorable farm-themed artwork with the My First Crayola Musical Rub-Art Station! Select one of the dual-sided rubbing plates, place it in the frame with paper and then watch your toddler create a scene with the character rubbing tool. The Musical Rub-Art Station magically recognizes rubbing, and activates surprising music and animal sounds for toddlers to enjoy while they create. The unit includes 1 rubbing frame unit, 2 dual-sided rubbing plates, 1 character rubbing tool and 4 washable crayons. Requires 3 AAA batteries and paper (not included).

The My First Crayola Washable Tidy Tot Paint Kit is an all-in-one painting solution, providing the right tools for beginning painters! The anti-roll paint brush is sized just right for toddlers' small hands. Moms will appreciate that the paint is washable and a reusable smock is included to help keep paint off of clothing. The kit includes 3 - 2oz containers washable paint, 1 triangular anti-roll paint brush and 1 reusable smock.

Kids can create in 3 great ways with the My First Crayola Washable 3-in-1 Art Desk. The wipe-off drawing surface lets kids scribble away, and then erase for creative fun over and over again. A cute character clip holds paper, creating another surface that allows kids to doodle and display their masterpieces. Flip the board over, and kids can have fun with the mess-free water reveal surface, which magically reveals bright designs and dries clean for endless fun. Washable Triangular Crayons are designed for toddlers, guiding little hands into a proper writing grip. To keep contents organized, a built-in storage cubby for the Triangular Crayons is included. Included is the dual-sided art desk with character clip, 4 washable Triangular Crayons, 1 water wand and handle on the desk for portability.

The My First Crayola Busy Bag Art Kit comes equipped with 40 pieces, and 3 fun ways for toddlers to create -- coloring, drawing and dough play. Little ones are sure to keep busy with all the different art tools in the kit, which are just the right size and shape for their little hands. The contents of the kit are stored in a zippered pouch with handle for portable on-the-go creativity! Kids can color, draw and paint with the washable triangular crayons and markers. Kids can also shape, blend and mold with the super soft dough, which won't dry out when stored in the durable container.

The kit includes one durable storage container, 6 washable Triangular Crayons, 4 washable markers with gumball nib, 3 - 50g packs of Super Soft Dough, 1 dough container with molds on lid & bottom, 3 x 5" 20 sheet pad and 24 activity sheets.

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