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Uncle Skunkle Toys' Destruct 3 Designated a Winner of a 2007-2008 Informal Education Products Award

Uncle Skunkle Toys' Destruct 3

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb, 13, 2008 - Uncle Skunkle Toys, Inc. (UST), a developer of games that not only look good in your living room, but also bring fun and enjoyment to the entire family, is pleased to announce that its award-winning Destruct 3 game is a 2007-2008 Informal Education Product Award Winner as a result of having appeared in the annual Museum Tour catalog/

Each year, Informal Education Products conducts a survey of customers of the Museum Tour Catalog/, requesting product feedback and ranking. Replies are tallied and products are scored. Informal Educational Products staff members and experts then evaluate each product for superb design, quality and educational value.

"We are honored that the customers of Museum Tour Catalog/ nominated Destruct 3 for the 2007-2008 Informal Education Product Awards," said David Schreiber, President, Uncle Skunkle Toys, Inc. "This award is yet another indication of the increasing popularity of our fun, exciting and challenging games the whole family can play together."

About Destruct 3
Destruct 3 is the latest and greatest Build'em Up - Knock'em Down game on the market. Players build the tower, roll the dice to determine the destructo device, then knock it down with the Catapult, the Pendulum, or the Ramp. Destruct 3 is fun, entertaining and is made from beautiful, sustainable rubber tree wood. Everyone will have a blast playing Destruct 3. Destruct 3 has received praise from Creative Child Magazine and Major FUN. Destruct 3 has also been featured in Knuckle Bones Magazine.

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About Uncle Skunkle Toys, Inc.
Uncle Skunkle Toys (UST) was founded in 1996 by J. David Schreiber and Rod Boutin in order to bring to life a thesis project that David had prepared while earning his masters' degree at City University of Seattle. Today, UST is a high-performance based contractor organization that is directly responsible for all distribution, marketing and sales of its products in the U.S. Its family of award-winning products include Rapid 4 and Destruct 3 games.

UST strives to be a socially responsible organization, and manufactures its games using second-generation materials. The company also uses minimal packaging, and every effort is taken to reduce waste during the manufacturing process. UST's team members spend hundreds of volunteer hours every year focusing on building up social entrepreneurship in the regions where we do business. One such program is Kids Ark in Thailand, an organization whose mission is to find a solution to the AIDS epidemic in Thailand, by offering employment opportunities in local villages.

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