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Tini Puppini

Tini Puppini

Coming this Fall is Tini Puppini - the only line of fashion forward pups who are true Doggie Divas, with the hottest styles and attitudes this side of the red carpet! They have young, cute fashionforward styles with confident attitudes to match.

Dress and accessorize them, brush and style their hair, each 10” posable plush teen doggie diva has a different look, personality and fashion. Four Tini’s come with premium designer mix and match fashions, wear and share jewelry, and hair styling accessories.

Assortment of 4 dogs to choose from: Twinkle the Yorkie, Tiara the Shih Tzu, Tutu the Chocolate Poodle, Tilli the Malti Poo


  • 1 Plush Puppy
  • 1 removable fashion
  • 4 removable shoes
  • Hair accessories
  • Nametag/collar
  • Clip-on earrings
  • Hairbrush
Age: 4-11
Suggested Retail Price:
Pups: $29.99
Carry Case: $19.99
Accessories: $9.99
New for Fall 2008!

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