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Wild Republic Strengthens Boy’s Toys Lines

Wild Republic New Mongo Grinders™ and Morphs™ Miniatures at Toy Fair 2010

New York, NY - (February 13, 2010) – Wild Republic, the nature-themed toy brand of K&M International, Inc., today announced its commitment to strengthening its boy-oriented toy lines, including two of its best-selling products, Morphs™ and Mongo Grinders™.

This year, Wild Republic will offer all-new Mongo Grinders action figures and playsets, and a new Morphs Miniature collection of products.

Wild Republic rolled out its Mongo Grinders, bendable suction-cup attachable, skateboarding animal action figures in stores nationwide in 2009 and backed the launch with an interactive website supporting the dude crew at Mongo Grinders incorporate the core Wild Republic philosophy of bringing wildlife education to children through creative, inspiring products. “Utilizing an extreme sport, like skateboarding, along with fun animal friendly personalities, Mongo Grinders have been a great new product for us,” Craig Hopp, Marketing Manager, said.

Mongo Grinders are a group of cool, skateboarding zoo dudes that carry an important mission of teaching environmental concerns when, as the story goes, they sneak out of the zoo one night to skate the streets, only to discover that the planet’s ecosystems are in danger. Now, the Mongo Grinders skate to reach and teach others about conservation because Planet Earth is the only skate park!

Wild Republic offers individual Mongo Grinder animals (MSRP $7, for ages 4 and up) such as Kickflip Tree Frog, Backslide Crocodile, Nosegrind Rhino, and Bail Wolf, as well as deluxe two-piece animal sets with environments and ramps (MSRP $18).

“Mongo Grinders are a great affiliate line to one of our perennial best selling lines, Morphs, which we are also expanding” Hopp explained. “At Toy Fair 2010 we will show our new sets of Morphs Miniatures featuring some of our most popular set of North American, African and Aquatic animals, and Dinosaurs.”

Wild Republic Morphs (MSRP $10 - $16, for ages 4 and up) offer a unique way to challenge a child's imagination through building and creative play. The new Morphs Miniatures (MSRP $6) are designed for ages 5 and up because of the smaller pieces. Each set is interchangeable with the others so all sets can be combined and played for the ultimate in arms, legs, wings, fins, heads, and body options.

“We shrunk them down a bit and the smaller parts offer slightly more options to putting together the most bizarre mixed breeds. The Mini Morphs appeal to slightly older age group by offering creative education expression and an element of silliness while also providing some educational elements and fine motor skill development,” explained Hopp.

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Throughout its 30 years, Wild Republic has had a knack for knowing the “next big thing” among people’s natural wildlife wonder and offering a broad spectrum of various animal species products to meet that demand. Now, as Wild Republic prepares to move into its fourth decade of wildlife education, the company is clearly the long-term leader in providing nature-themed toys. Other brands offered by the company include Cuddlekins, WOWs, Audubon Birds, Paws & Claws, Vibes, Know & Grow, Garden Accents, wooden puzzles, wind-ups, wall walkers and puppets, among other items. The constantly evolving product offerings are updated on the brands' website at