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Playroom Entertainment Unleashes All-New Killer Bunnies® Game

Killer Bunnies Playroom Creates Remix Starter of Killer Bunnies® Game

New York, NY – (February 13, 2010) – Playroom Entertainment bounds into The American International Toy Fair (Booth 153) led by an all-new game expansion to its phenomenally successful Killer Bunnies® brand, Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey™ card game.

When the insatiable appetite of Killer Bunnies® game fans demanded more, Playroom looked to Killer Bunnies® creator and game designer Jeffrey Neil Bellinger to coordinate the development of, like other games in the Killer Bunnies® family, a non-collectible game that can offer variations through different color nick-named deck options. However, this time a new desire expressed by the huge Killer Bunnies® fan base has been fulfilled: Killer Bunnies® now has a constructible game variation. Though still not collectible or random, players can now buy starter decks and booster expansions for Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey™ and then use any combination of those cards to form their own constructed decks to play against opponents.

Unlike in Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic Carrot™, where up to eight players play with the same deck of cards, all sharing the same draw pile, Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey™ has players each draw only from their own constructed deck of 60 cards. There are not any random packs, so players will always know which cards they are purchasing in a deck and they can buy the right products for their planned deck.

For Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey™ (MSRP $24 each, for 2-6 players ages 10 and up), six brand new starter decks (red, violet, blue, yellow, green, or orange) allow players to construct a personalized deck with any of the cards of any deck. However, players can only play up to 60 cards in each game.

The setting for the new game is an ultimate race to build a bunny society on planet Earth. Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey™ pits players against each other as they struggle to gain Civilization Points, by building cities and increasing their bunny populations. Players gain points by developing their own civilizations or by using zany weapons and hilarious scenarios to destroy their opponents.

Killer Bunnies® Odyssey is the latest in the family of Killer Bunnies games which features, Killer Bunnies® Quest for the Magic Carrot™, Killer Bunnies® REMIX, Kinder Bunnies® and Killer Bunnies® and the Journey to Jupiter™ board game.

Also at Toy Fair this year, Playroom will unveil the new Ultra-Violet deck for Killer Bunnies® and the Journey to Jupiter™.

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