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Lifelike Jungle Creatures Sense, Speak and Call to Their Owner and Each Other

New York, NY - February 13, 2011 - YoHa Technology introduces the world to Tandars™ Interactive Pets at the American International Toy Fair 2011 (booth #3238), taking place February 13-16 in New York City. Kids of all ages will go bananas for these cute, cuddly pets as they come to life and share their whimsical personalities.

Infrared sensors in their eyes allow the Tandars to detect movements and even interact with their owner! These lifelong friends can also grip onto clothes, backpacks or a laptop to keep their new pals company wherever their travels take them.

Owners can customize the personality of their Tandars by styling their hair in various fashions - like a Mohawk or trendy side bangs. A collection of clothing, hats and accessories will also be available to make each Tandar unique. Tandars have lifelike expressions allowing them to blink their eyes and move their head, ears and mouth. They also have touch sensors on the top of their heads as well as on their back. Their moods can be changed by interacting with them, from holding them and picking them up, to patting them on the head.

If left alone for any length of time, Tandars get bored and start to snore as they go off to sleep. Adding to their repertoire, Tandars also burp and fart at random, much to their owner's amusement!

Tandars will let their owners know when they are hungry and low on energy. To "feed" them, owners can simply connect their tail to any available USB port, with no need for batteries. Or, an Aji Baz Charging Fruit, which doubles as a nightlight, can be purchased separately to feed a hungry pet. Simply connect the Tandars' tail to the Charging Fruit and the fruit will emit a soft glow for two to three hours. Unplug the Tandar and say "Aji Baz" twice in the direction of the fruit for a pulsating light that will radiate for five minutes, accompanying the Tandar pet and its owner as they both drift off to sleep.

Like real jungle creatures, Tandars can also sense, speak and call to each other. The monkeying around really begins when two or more Tandars come within a few feet of one another and a conversation, featuring a vocabulary complete with more than 50 words and phrases, ensues. The more you play with your Tandars, the more he or she will speak!

"The concept of a pet monkey that you feed, take care of and have fun with was at the forefront of the development process," according to George York, CEO of YoHa Technology. "This is a realistic, yet whimsical toy that is sure to entertain kids on many levels."

Story Behind Tandars

George York has always been fascinated by monkeys and has built several prototypes of animatronic toys over the past fifteen years. The inspiration and initial concept of the Tandars came from a trip York took to the Philippines where he saw Tarsiers for the first time. These are small, delicate monkeys that are unlike other monkeys as they are not known to bite, fidget or destroy things. York believed these would make great pets back home, and the idea originated to replicate the warm and cuddly creatures.

A portion of sales for each pet sold will be donated to The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and establishing a sanctuary for the Philippine Tarsier.

Tandars™ Interactive Pets sells for a suggested price of $49.00 each and are recommended for children 6 and up. Three versions will be available in stores and online in spring 2011. The Aji Baz Charging Fruit and an assortment of clothing, hats and accessories will be available in the fall.

For more information, as well as games and a special Tandars language guide, consumers can visit

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