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Glow Explosion

Glowing to New Heights

New Glow Explosion Creative Activities Light Up Kids’ Imaginations with Super-Bright Glowing Colors

Easton, PA – February 13, 2011 – Crayola is bringing ground-breaking innovation to its Glow Explosion line with more ways to unleash kids’ imaginations with super-bright, glowing colors that light up like glow sticks! Kids have always been amazed by the unexpected and magical way things glow in the dark. With Glow Explosion, they can put on a glow show in brilliant Crayola colors, as they mix up and create glowing paint and sand that’s ready for imaginations to run wild! From building glowing gear with glow sticks, to creating glowing sand art and paintings, Glow Explosion revolutionizes kids’ favorite art activities with magical, glow-in-the-dark colors. Perfect for sleepovers, birthday parties and nighttime fun, kids will watch in awe, as their one-of-a-kind artwork lights up for four hours of glow-in-the-dark fun!

Crayola Glow Explosion Sand Art Sculptures is a revolutionary new way for children to create magical, glow-in-the-dark sand art with super-bright, glowing colors -- a first for children’s creative activities! Just mix sand together with the “glow activator” to make it light up like a glow stick. Then, pour layers of multi-colored, groovy glowing sand into the sculpture forms to create sand art that glows amazingly bright for four hours! Three unique sculpture forms – a shooting star, lightning bolt and bottle let kids put on an exciting glow show that lights up the dark in amazing Crayola colors!

The activity includes 4 glow sand colors (orange, blue, yellow, green), 3 glow sculpture forms, 4 plastic mix and pour trays and a stir stick. The package also doubles as a sand collection tray.
$9.99 6+ Feb. 2011

With Crayola’s Glow Explosion Sand Art Scenes, kids can make sand-textured pictures that explode with glowing colors!! Simply mix sand with “glow activator” to make it light up in super-bright, glowing colors. Then, apply glue where you want colors to glow and shake glowing sand onto your scene to illuminate the illustration! Glow Explosion Sand will stick where you want it to and the rest will fall into the collection tray to apply to other areas. Glowing scenes stay lit up for four hours! The activity includes 4 glow sand colors (orange, blue, green and yellow), 8 sand art scenes, stir stick, 1.25 fl. oz. glue, 4 mix and pour trays, 2 brushes and 2 sand collection trays.
$14.99 6+ Feb. 2011

Crayola Glow Explosion Paint and Scenes lets kids paint,br> in glowing colors for the ultimate create-in-the dark art activity! The glowing colors are so luminescent kids will feel like they’re painting with glow sticks. Activate the paint by mixing it with the glow activator and watch the neon blue, green, yellow and orange colors not only light up in amazingly bright colors, but also cast their own glow. Select a scene to paint, turn down the lights and get the creativity glowing for up to four hours with a “paint-astic” art activity that outshines regular painting. The paint, paper and brush come in a plastic try for easy use and clean up.

The activity includes 4 glow paint packs (blue, green, yellow and orange), 5 glow paint scenes, 2 paint brushes and a tray-pack for paint mixing.
$9.99 6+ Feb. 2011

Crayola has dialed up the magic of glow sticks, making them even more magical for kids with new Glow Explosion Glow Stick Gear! Bendable glow sticks let kids construct colorful gear that’s fun to wear, using a variety of glow sticks and simple connectors. Kids can be color magicians and glowing fashionistas, as they build funny faces that “float” in the dark, laser light masks, neon neckwear and princess tiaras. Glow Explosion Glow Stick Gear illuminates kids’ imaginations in a bright new way, making glow sticks even more fun to play with and wear -- especially at sleepovers and birthday parties or for the perfect Halloween costume.

The activity includes 20, 8” glow sticks, 20, 6” glow sticks, 6 tube connectors and 12 round connectors.
7.99 6+ Feb. 2011

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