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Gridiron Fanatic™, Peek-a-Boo Bear™ and Squaredy Cats™ lead cast of new plush characters

EDISON, N.J., February 13, 2011 - GUND®, the leading soft toy manufacturer in the United States and World's Most Huggable since 1898, is set to showcase an assortment of new feature plush items including Gridiron Fanatic™, Peek-a-Boo Bear™, Squaredy Cats™, Roaring Rex™ Dinosaur, Scrooge Bear and Caroling Mouse™, Magic Message Elf™ and Nuzzles™ at Toy Fair 2011, February 13-16, Javits Center, New York, NY, located in the Lobby of the Crystal Palace.

"GUND has always resonated extremely well with our audience because we understand the emotional connection that our plush delivers," said Vince Smart, Vice President of Marketing for GUND. "Now, we're focused more than ever on extending plush into new areas, especially with interactive items like Gridiron Fanatic and online-developed properties like Squaredy Cats."

GUND Toy Fair Highlights:

  • Gridiron Fanatic™ - What better way to watch the game than having a hooting and hollering bear supporting football fans' favorite teams? The ideal partner for watching the game together, Gridiron Fanatic screams "Touchdown!" and "Boooo!" on command with the press of a button on his foot. Gridiron Fanatic is also packed with several offensive and defensive sound effects and phrases ["Tackle somebody! Anybody!" and "Bears have an amazing sense of smell, and I smell a TOUCHDOWN!"], activated with a pat on his paws! Fans will never want to watch another game without Gridiron Fanatic. ($40.00, 3+, Available Fall 2011)
  • Peek-a-Boo Bear™ - Little ones will giggle with delight as they play peek-a-boo with this adorable bear. Holding a cream-colored blanket, this beige soft plush bear will raise and lower his blanket to play a game of peek-a-boo when his foot is pressed. The bear's mouth moves as he says "Peek-a-boo, I see you," to the child. ($40.00, 3+, Available March 2011)
  • Squaredy Cats™ - It's about personality… it's about mood… it's about expression! Now the Squaredy Cats images popular on social networks like Facebook and Twitter are coming to life with a new line of plush from GUND, the world's most huggable plush. Squaredy Cats offer fun and whimsical statements of courage and pride, designed for unique self-expression. Each Squaredy Cat has its own theme and plays off the phrase "scaredy cat." They evoke self-esteem and empower young people with confidence to show what they are "not squared" to do. With an introduction of eight different cats, GUND Squaredy Cats make it easy for everyone to find a Squaredy Cat they can relate to. ($12.00/each, 1+, Available February 2011)
  • Roaring Rex™ Dinosaur - Perfect for any dinosaur fan, this interactive dino brings prehistoric times to life with a comedic twist! Roaring Rex Dino is an interactive plush made of iridescent textured fabric that roars and tells jokes with the press of a button on his foot, all while moving his head and mouth. Sample phrases include "Roar! Did I scare ya? Roar! How bout now? No? Ah forget it." and "Wanna learn to roar like I do? Stand up real tall, turn your head to the side and go 'Ah Ah Achoo.' Wait, that wasn't right." ($40.00, 3+, Available April 2011)
  • Scrooge Bear and Caroling Mouse™ - Get in the Christmas spirit this holiday season and leave the miserly feelings to Scrooge Bear. Press his left hand to see Scrooge Bear's mouth move while he goes back and forth in holiday-themed banter with the Caroling Mouse sitting on his shoulder. As the cheery mouse sings "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" Scrooge Bear's grumpy response is "Yeah but who's going to clean my sidewalk? Bah, humbug." Both Scrooge Bear and Caroling Mouse sing or say 12 different phrases… and wish everyone a Merry Christmas… and a Grumpy New Year! Perfect for anyone who needs a little humorous prodding to get in the holiday spirit. ($40.00, 3+, Available Fall 2011)
  • Magic Message Elf™ - This holiday season, Santa's little helper is all ready to make sure Santa knows exactly what kids want for Christmas. Press Magic Message Elf's left hand and he will say, "Hi! Special messenger elf here ready to deliver a message to Santa! Tell me your list!" It will start recording as the kids tell the elf what is on their holiday list. When the elf's right hand is pressed, kids will hear their list repeated back in a unique elf-like voice, and the elf will say, "I will make sure Santa knows just what you want!" ($36.00, 3+, Available Fall 2011)
  • Nuzzles™ - It is all about cuddling and comfort with Nuzzles, a new line that is "The only plush that hugs you back!"™ This new assortment of cuddly plush animals has a unique look with an oversized head and huggable body that is perfectly designed to nuzzle on necks. ($20.00, 1+, Available March 2011)

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