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Tee Juice Jacquard Products Introduces Tee Juice Marker Kits at Toy Fair Booth #2683

Healdsburg, CA (February 14, 2010)–Artists, doodlers, and children will have their creativity awakened by Jacquard Products’ new Tee Juice Fabric Marker Kits. The kits are filled with theme-related iron-on transfers and all of the Tee Juice Markers needed to create anything from a simple design to a masterpiece. Choose from one of three themes: Tattoo, Aquatic, or Floral. Just iron-on the transfer (or transfers) to any type of fabric and color with the high-quality Tee Juice Markers. Each creation will be unique depending on the placement, number of transfers used, color chosen for each element, and material used. The design can be permanently set into the fabric by ironing over the design. The three new Tee Juice Marker Kits will be showcased by Jacquard Products at Booth #2683 at this February’s Toy Fair in New York City: Tee Juice Marker Kit: Tattoo Set • $14.99 Kit includes a variety of tattoo-themed iron on transfers and 5 Tee Juice Markers: Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple Medium Point and one Black Fineliner for detailing. Ages 8+ Tee Juice Marker Kit: Aquatic Set • $14.99 Kit includes a variety of fish- and underwaterthemed iron on transfers and 5 Tee Juice Markers: Orange, Purple, Green, and Blue Medium Point and one Black Fineliner for detailing. Ages 8+ Tee Juice Marker Kit: Floral Set • $14.99 Kit includes a variety of flower-themed iron on transfers and 5 Tee Juice Markers: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Medium Point and one Black Fineliner for detailing. Ages 8+ These new kits are an extension of the Tee Juice Fabric Marker line, which includes 8 colors in 3 different sizes: Broad Tip, Medium Point and Fineliner. The markers are also available for individual purchase. Tee Juice Markers have enough color in them for more than a dozen uses, so they will keep going after completing a kit design. Jacquard Products' Tee Juice Fabric Markers have been a long-time favorite of students and professional artists. The professional-quality markers produce stunning, long-lasting color and work on all synthetic and natural fabrics, leather, paper and more. They’ve been used to create intricate designs on anything from T-shirts and backpacks to lampshades and shoes. To set a Tee Juice design into fabric permanently, simply iron over the design. Jacquard Products also created a Tee Juice website. Anyone can upload images of their best designs and enter monthly design contests on Also for 2010, Jacquard Products is updating its packaging to create a uniform look across its entire line of products. This new streamlined packaging will help unify the company's branding. The new packaging style, including new looks for the Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit, Indigo Dye Kit, Transfer Sheets and Marbling Kit, will hit shelves in early 2010. For information on Jacquard’s Tee Juice Fabric Markers, or general company information, visit

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