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Tangle in Schools Program Debuts to Praise and Endorsements From Teachers

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San Francisco, CA, February 15, 2008 - Long famous as a fidget toy, stress reducer and universal creativity enhancer, Tangle toys have now proven to serve an even higher purpose as a key learning aid that top educators are calling an effective "brain tool." Embracing the responsibility that comes with this power, Tangle Creations has enthusiastically launched the Tangle in Schools program.

"Tangles are known as `Brain Tools' because they can enhance attention through movement," says Angela Searcy, educational consultant and pediatric neuro- developmental specialist at Neuropsychology Diagnostic Center. Learning that involves lectures, presenting new ideas, directions, and the like are considered "passive learning," where students are receiving information. Passive learning is the most difficult time for all learners to pay attention. This is normal, since neuroscience research shows the brain learns best through active engagement. "However, during passive learning when students are allowed to manipulate small fidget toys, such as a Tangle, it enhances learning by incorporating movement and active involvement," says Searcy.

As part of this launch and Tangle's mission to help children of all ages discover the path to higher learning, Tangle Creations is proud to release the new book Teaching with Tangle Brain Tools: The Playful Path to Meaningful Learning, co-authored with Angela Searcy who has done extensive research on how the brain learns. The book is filled with detailed findings on how the brain learns, along with fun Tangle classroom activities to support that type of learning for Pre-K Grade 6 and students with special needs. Included also are tips and resources for how to get funding to purchase Tangles as school equipment.

According to Richard Zawitz, the inventor of Tangle and CEO of Tangle Creations, "Tangles are reusable, affordable and can easily be incorporated into all sorts of teacher-directed games and activities. This book has tons of ideas and we're hoping teachers and students will dream up more of their own."

"We have designed the Tangle in Schools program specifically for educators because we're committed to putting a highly effective tool into the hands of the people that matter most for our children's education their teachers."

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Tangle Creations is the new name for the organization formerly known as Tangle Toys, `that fun twisty thing' that has delighted children of all ages as well as adults. Tangle Creations is a multi-faceted content, product development, and distribution company for Tangle-related products and concepts, with products in toys, electronics, therapy, pet, inflatable, educational, premium, promotional and sports. Tangle has been marketed through our partnerships with major brands like: Nickelodeon, Coca Cola, Kellogg's, McDonald's and has been sold through major retailers with over 100 million products sold. Tangle Inc. is headquartered in South San Francisco and has been in business for over 27 years.