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Lawn Darts, Banned in the 80s, Make a Safer Comeback in the Form of OgoSport CopterDarts™
CopterBall™ and Mini-Copter Ball™ Also Set to Debut at TOY FAIR 2008

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 15, 2008 OgoSport, LLC one of the leading creators of innovative active play products burst into the action play market with the 2006 introduction of the SportsDisk™. In 2008, the company looks once again to change the way people play with modern designs inspired by two classic playthings of yesteryear.

OgoSport CopterDart™ Game

Copterdarts Most Americans are familiar with the classic "lawn darts" or "jarts" game that was banned in the late 1980s. Numerous products have tried to replace the original metal tipped darts with safer alternatives. However, these versions did not simulate the functionality of lawn darts - enter CotperDarts. Co-Creator Kevin Williams explained, "You would have versions of jarts or lawn darts that flew well, but that did not stand up correctly upon landing. Conversely you would have versions that landed efficiently but did not fly correctly. CopterDarts were designed for both functionality and safety from flight to landing."

The CopterDart is comprised of soft foam wings that slow the dart by creating a propeller-like spinning motion that the company has termed, "Ogomotion." Upon landing on the included target disk, the dart rights itself into a standing position. The CopterDart's soft plastic tip and soft foam wings make the product appropriate for both indoor and outdoor active play.

The CopterDart Game carries an MSRP of $30.00.

OgoSport CopterBall™ and Mini CopterBall™

Copterballs Also debuting in 2008 are the OgoSport CopterBall and the Mini CotperBall. Like the CopterDart, the CopterBall is set in a unique twisting motion when tossed in the air and its soft foam wings make it appropriate for indoor and outdoor active play.

The CopterBall carries an MSRP of $7.00 while the Mini CopterBall has an MSRP of $3.00.

Of the new introductions, OgoSport president Rick Goodwin said, "If the success of our SportsDisk is any indication of the market for products that offer innovative takes on traditional active play games, we expect the CopterDart Game and CopterBalls to be well received."

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About OgoSport, LLC
Founded in 2005, OgoSport is a company with a mandate to develop products that encourage its users to go out and play (Oh Go Outside). OgoSport strives to provide exciting new opportunities for active recreation. Innovative play patterns for all age groups are the focus of their creative explorations. Batteries not required!