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Revell Introduces Specialty Market Model Kits
Snap Kits and Puzzle Werx™

Puzzle Werx™ Northbrook, IL (February 15, 2008) – Revell, the industry-leading supplier of model kits for more than 60 years, today announced details of the company's plans to provide gift shops, party stores, drug stores and other specialty stores with fun and simple to build model kits. These kits, targeted toward seven to twelve year olds, include 1/32 scale cars, 1/100 scale planes and 3D animal and robot puzzles. With no glue required, these kits can be assembled in about 20 minutes.

"Retail outlets will find these kits easy to move with merchandising options including floor stands, clip strips and counter top displays," said Mike Brezette, Revell marketing vice president. Revell's specialty market model kits will come in simple zip lock bag packaging. "These kits are great for parents looking for reasonably priced on-the-go activities or party favors."

Revell's specialty market model kits will be available in August for a suggested retail price of $9.99. At this time, Revell will offer six different SnapRods six different SnapPlanes and a Puzzle Werx multi-pack with six different puzzles in the package.

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About Revell
Revell, a Hobbico company, has been leading the model kit building industry for more than 60 years with products that provide interactivity, authenticity and fun. Revell's product lines are consumer and hobby robotics, model kits including cars, trucks, ships and planes, R/C vehicles, and slot cars. Visit