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~Distributed by Liberation Home Entertainment, each DVD Contains Four Episodes from the Acclaimed Public TV Series plus Interactive Content to Extend the Fun~


BURBANK, CA, February 15, 2008 – "The Zula Patrol," public television's acclaimed science and astronomy series for four-to-eight year-olds, will launch on DVD this March with two fun-filled adventures that will take kids on a roller-coaster ride across the Universe. Distributed by Liberation Home Entertainment, the two titles are: "The Zula Patrol: Explore Space!" and "The Zula Patrol: Explore Weather!" The new DVDs contain four episodes each from the series plus interactive elements for children and parents to enjoy together.

"The Zula Patrol" DVDs will debut exclusively at Border's stores and at, at the special introductory price of $12.95 SRP each. Hailed by the New York Times as "`Sesame Street' in outer space," "The Zula Patrol" features a group of lovable, wacky aliens who travel the Galaxies, introducing important concepts about science and astronomy to kids in memorable ways. As part of its mission, the CG-animated, high-definition show also encourages core values of non-violence and tolerance.

"We're excited about the launch of The Zula Patrol on DVD," said Dr. Deborah Manchester, the series' creator, "since it supports our goal of introducing science concepts in a revolutionary way to as wide an audience of young children as possible." The series has both kid- and teacher-proven success: 80% of 2nd graders demonstrated an increase in accurate scientific knowledge after they watched "The Zula Patrol" – and almost 100% wanted to see the show again*. In the educational community, the National Science Teachers Association calls it "… a pre-K through 2nd grade teacher's dream."

*Source: Hypothesis, an independent research organization


    "The Zula Patrol: Explore Space!"
    Young viewers join "The Zula Patrol" crew on a series of space exploration missions as they travel the Galaxies in a quest for universal knowledge, scientific discovery and pizza – all the while exploring the wonders of science and astronomy. It's a wild ride through the cosmos, as Multo sends a probe to a far away planet; Bula's replacement, a robot, goes through astronaut training at The Zula Academy; Dark Truder attempts to put his own nefarious spin on all the Solar System's Moons, and Gorga and the Moon reflect on their past days "moonlighting" as circus performers.

    The four episodes on "The Zula Patrol: Explore Space!" are: "The Probe Who Came to Dinner," "Forget-Me-Naut," "Moons Mayhem," and "Three Ringed Gorga." Special interactive features include a Space Adventure Game and a Sing-Along Music Video. As an added bonus, Limited-edition Solar System Clings will be inserted in each DVD.

    "The Zula Patrol: Explore Weather!"
    It's raining, it's pouring, and "The Zula Patrol" is soaring on a mission to discover all about Earth's weather. The forecast remains bright and funny as Bula encounters freezing gobs of Galactic Goo, Wiggy and Wigg climb Mount Zula in search of a mysterious golden cloud, and Zeeter unleashes an unpredictable storm from Multo's own Weather-Matic machine. Even when no one can agree on a favorite season, "The Zula Patrol" manages to weather through it brilliantly!

    The four episodes in "The Zula Patrol: Explore Weather!" are: "Chilly Cook-off," "Treasure in the Clouds," "Wish You Were Here," and "Weather Vain." Special interactive features include a Weather Adventure Game and a Sing-Along Music Video. As an added bonus, Limited-edition Solar System Clings will be inserted in each DVD.

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Zula USA, LLC produces a package of entertaining, educational products that are designed to provide early science education and reading literacy for children in pre-school through second grade. Zula's comprehensive program addresses the national call for science literacy education among the very audience for whom research demonstrates that early intervention is most effective. By reaching pre-kindergarten and early elementary students, Zula can provide a critical foundation in understanding science concepts and content. The television program and its supporting materials provide science education and character-building lessons in an entertaining format that encourages whole family participation. The entire Zula package serves many aspects of learning, promotes literacy, and provides a diverse approach to learning styles. The expert team of educators, writers, scientists, and media specialists works to ensure that Zula delivers a dynamic, focused, fun learning experience for children whose natural interest is in learning about the world around them.