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Sedona, AZ, February 2008 – What’s in a name? Everything if you’re Whacky Music, Inc., which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and more than five million award-winning Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes sold. These musical tubes literally BOOM when you WHACK them! And to make things even whackier, Whacky Music, Inc. is introducing several new additions to its line designed to make learning and playing music easy and fun at the 2008 International Toy Fair in New York City, February 17 – 20 (Booth #2263).

Boomwhackers® are brightly colored plastic tubes that produce different musical notes based on their length, and Whacky Music has sold more than 5.5 million of them worldwide. While they are a lot of fun to play, they also come with a myriad of hidden lessons. Boomwhackers® not only introduce kids and kids-at-heart to music, they also nurture pro-social communication skills and teach technical music skills and group collaboration.

At the 2008 Toy Fair, Whacky Music is introducing the following new products which are scheduled to be released in the first half of 2008:

    Boomwhackers® Whacky Chroma-Notes™ Composer - Music composition software featuring virtual Boomwhackers Tubes which when played on the computer result in Chroma-Notes-colored notes appearing on a musical score. The colored music can be played back using the software program to hear the tubes’ sounds through the computer speakers or printed out to play the new masterpiece on the real Boomwhackers® tubes! A fun animation of the each tube as it plays is an engaging feature of the software.

    Boomwhackers® Whack-a Boom!! - Boomwhackers® Card Games - Features two card decks, one with different colored cards corresponding to the C Major Diatonic (or Pentatonic) scale and the other with a series of 4-beat rhythmic patterns of varying degrees of difficulty. An instruction booklet outlines over 20 games that can be played with this product and Boomwhackers musical tubes.

    Chroma-Notes™ Stick-Ons are removable stickers colored to the Chroma-Notes (Boomwhackers) color scheme for placement on existing instruments such as pianos, xylophones, melodicas, etc., to enable the instruments to be more easily played using colored music from the Whacky Chroma-Notes Composer software or other commercial music notation programs such as Finale® and Sibelius®.

Additional Chroma-Notes Musical Instruments - A number of different instruments will be debuted at Toy Fair to receive feedback and better determine interest firsthand from current and potential customers. “We’re very excited about these new product offerings,” states Craig Ramsell, president of Whacky Music, Inc. “Combining the Chroma-Notes software with an increasing number of musical instruments that utilize the Chroma-Notes color scheme will make it easier for kids and adults to create songs and play them on simple, color-coded instruments.”

Boomwhackers® were named one of Parents’ Choice Foundations Best 25 Toys in 25 Years and have also garnered numerous other awards over the years. They are more than child’s play - the musical tubes are great for young children diving into music for the first time or adults who want to play an instrument recreationally. They have also proven extremely helpful in music therapy and have been used by professional musicians. Check it all out at Whacky Music’s Toy Fair booth, 2263. Or for more information about Whacky Music’s products, please visit or call 928-282-3860.

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