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International Playthings Announces New Additions to iPlay’s Line of Action and Board Games

Parsippany, NJ (February 15, 2008) – International Playthings, LLC announces the addition of several new action and board games to the already extensive lineup of iPlay Games. iPlay Action and Board Games are designed to promote participatory play, while providing a fun and exciting experience for children. All of the games in International Playthings, LLC’s proprietary line of iPlay-branded toys and games encourage and promote childhood development through cooperative play.

“The iPlay line of Action and Board Games is a great way for children to get excited about cooperative play, whether it be with their siblings, friends or parents,” commented Cyndee Dalton, senior product manager for International Playthings, LLC. “Some of the new iPlay action games are reminiscent of more traditional games, while some include a brand new set of rules. Either way, they are all a load of fun!”

New additions to the 2009 iPlay Action and Board Games product line include:

Speedy Delivery Speedy Delivery
In this fun dump truck game, players take turns “driving” along the game trail, landing on spaces which allow them to load up the dump truck with freight tokens. Watch out for potholes, because you could end up with a flat tire! The players whose freight reaches the warehouse first makes a Speedy Delivery and wins the game! iPlay Speedy Delivery comes with a sturdy, extra large game board, a ChubbiesTM pick-up truck, spinner and game tokens. Speedy Delivery is for children ages 3 and up and retails at a MSRP of $24.99.


Heads Up! Heads Up!
A mind-baffling bait & switch game! First, the eight goofy heads are placed randomly on the game board. Then, players look at them carefully, trying to remember which color is where. Now players hide their eyes while 2 heads are switched. Who can remember which two were switched? Heads Up!, for ages 5 and up, is fun for the whole family and retails at a MSRP of $19.99.


Rainbow Race Rainbow Race Race to build a rainbow! Using colorful plastic discs, players follow the color patterns on the game cards to build their own rainbow tower. The first player to complete their rainbow places the pot of gold on top and wins the round! iPlay Rainbow Race is a terrific first game to develop color recognition skills. Rainbow Race is for children ages 3+ and retails at a MSRP of $17.99.

Oopsie Daisy! Oopsie Daisy!
Lose your marbles and you win the game! To play the game, carefully balance the marbles on the daisy petal. The more marbles on the daisy, the more it will wobble. Watch out it doesn't tip! If it does, you'll have to take all the spilled marbles. The first player to get rid of all his or her marbles wins! Oopsie Daisy is for children ages 4 and up and retails at a MSRP of $16.99.

Pop n Drop Penguins Pop n Drop Penguins
This classic "race and chase" game is fun for the whole family! Pop the dice and move your colored penguins around the "icy" game board. If you manage to get them "home" first you win. But, if they fall off the icy bridges, you'll have to start all over again! Pop n Drop Penguins is for children ages 4 and up and retails at a MSRP of $14.99.


Red Light, Green Light Red Light, Green Light
Ready, set, race! Can your car reach the finish line first? Pump the colored buttons to move the cars along the track in hopes of being the first one to the finish line. Mr. Traffic Light tells you when the light changes back and forth from red to green. But, if you go through a red light, he sends you home! Plenty of racing action! Red Light, Green Light is perfect for children ages five and up and retails at a MSRP of $24.99.


Quackers Quackers
Spin the ducks' nest round and round. Can you hear the quacking sound? When the nest stops spinning players try to locate the hidden quacking egg by peeking under the ducks. Whoever finds the egg first wins. Watch out you don't choose the duck who is sitting on the rotten egg! Quackers is perfect for children ages three and up and retails at a MSRP of $24.99.


Calico Critter Surprise Party Game Calico Critter Surprise Party Game
This new board game is inspired by International Playthings LLC’s famous line of Calico Critters! To play the game, help find the hidden objects that decorate the house before the party begins. This extra-sturdy 3-dimensional game board features 4 favorite Calico Critter rooms. As players move their critters along the path in the house, they peek under tokens hoping to find objects which match things in their rooms. Whoever finds their 6 matching tokens before her opponents' find theirs AND before the birthday girl arrives, wins the game! Calico Critter Surprise Party Game is perfect for children ages 4 and up and retails at a MSRP of $24.99 .

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