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Screenlife Unveils New Scene It? Game Lineup for 2010

Scene It Twilight Filled with Original Content and Exciting New Game Play Enhancements, the #1 DVD Boardgame Just Keeps Getting Better

Feb. 15, 2010—SEATTLE, WA—Screenlife® today announces its new 2010 lineup of Scene It?® games at NY Toy Fair, booth #2853. Not only are the new titles bursting with clips and puzzles from the hottest properties, Screenlife is adding new types of game play making the #1 DVD board game that Scene It? fans know and love even better. From Comedy Movies to Disney Magical Moments to The Twilight Saga, the new Scene It? lineup offers interactive fun sure to entertain players of all ages.

What’s New:

  • Scene It? The Twilight Saga Deluxe Edition This exciting new game features content from all three films, including the summer 2010 release, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Relive the passion, action and suspense of the phenomenon surrounding Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and experience the ultimate trivia game that features all new clips, trivia and on-screen puzzles from this blockbuster franchise. For ages 13+, available Fall 2010.

  • Scene It? Comedy Movies Deluxe Edition This is the game Scene It? fans have been asking for! Jam packed with movie clips, trivia and hilarious on-screen challenges from Animal House to Zoolander, and everything in-between, this game includes tons of hysterical movie moments from Hollywood’s funniest films, destined to make your party laugh-out-loud funny. For ages 13+, available Fall 2010.

  • Scene It? Disney Magical Moments Deluxe Edition Players can experience the magical moments of Disney in a fantastic new way with beloved characters like Snow White, Princess Tiana, WALL-E and Woody. Discover enchanting new puzzles, movie clips, trivia and mini-games that will test your memory, observation and knowledge of your favorite Disney and Pixar movies including The Princess and the Frog, UP and more! For ages 8+, available Fall 2010.
NEW Enhanced Game Play Features for 2010:

  • New bonus activities for groups and teams provide players with even more reason to get into the action. Based on popular party games, but with a Scene It? twist, these bonus games will be a separate feature accessible from the game menu.

  • Act It! – Based on charades, the goal is to name the movie, actor or character being performed. Players choose a team member to do the acting and that player can either give traditional hand signals or take the plunge and act out a film scene before time runs out!

  • Sketch It! – Players choose a team member to draw a quick sketch. After the answer is shown, the team member will draw a picture and everyone else tries to identify the subject of the drawing - a movie title, actor or character.

  • Say It! – Players guess the film title, actor or character based on clues from a team member. Here’s the catch: they can’t use the names of the actors, characters or films.

  • More game play variety – The new “My Puzzle” category adds another dimension to game play as players use the DVD remote control to solve on-screen puzzles. New trivia levels scale the difficulty up or down depending on players’ risk level or the need to throttle back the know-it-all. This allows for greater customization and more opportunities for every player to have a good time and a shot at winning.

  • More player-to-player interactivity – New Buzz Cards and Tiebreakers® continue to challenge players as they go head-to-head and match wits.

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    Screenlife, a leader in entertainment trivia games, is transforming the way the world has fun through its pop culture-based games, including Scene It?, the number-one selling DVD board game worldwide. Located in Seattle, WA, Screenlife's socially interactive and immersive games are now on multiple platforms including DVD, video game consoles, online and mobile phones.

    Since its 2002 launch, Scene It? has grown into an international, award-winning brand with trivia game editions that include Twilight, The Simpsons, Star Trek, Seinfeld, Movie, TV, Sports, Music, Friends, Harry Potter and Disney. Scene It? DVD games have been translated into twelve languages across 29 countries.

    A leader in entertainment licensing, Screenlife has struck hundreds of deals with major Hollywood studios, sports leagues and recording labels, as well as top actors, athletes and musicians. Other companies, including Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Real Networks, Konami, Namco and Comcast, work with Screenlife to deliver custom Scene It? games across multiple platforms including the Xbox 360TM, PS3TM, WiiTM, mobile phones, and video on demand.

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