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The Game Chamber

MELVILLE, NY (February 16, 2008) -- Parents no longer have to worry about their children losing or damaging their expensive video games, thanks to the award-winning Game Chamber™. An innovative and child-friendly portable locking storage organizer that has quickly become one of this year's top children's products, The Game Chamber will be exhibiting at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

The Game Chamber is the only organizer available with a locking mechanism that enables children to remove one game at a time for play, while safely securing and storing additional games. Awarded the `2007 Seal of Excellence' by Creative Child Magazine and chosen by TD Monthly Magazine as a `Top Innovative Product for 2007', The Game Chamber's easy-to-use design teaches children the importance of responsibility for their personal belongings by safeguarding their games from being damaged or lost.

The Game Chamber is the brainchild of Michael Rosenberg, founder and CEO of Daze Products, Inc., the company that develops and manufactures The Game Chamber. Rosenberg's inspiration for The Game Chamber came out of his own frustration when his children's games were constantly being lost, broken or destroyed. "As every parent of young children can attest, its frustrating and very expense to constantly be replacing these games," said Rosenberg. "I could not find an organizer that both protected the games and our investment in them, so I created one that serves both purposes."

Specifically designed for ease-of-use, The Game Chamber's `one game in – one game out' patent pending design utilizes a rotating wheel that can store up to eight games. When a child takes a game out to play, The Game Chamber locks the remaining games in place. When he or she is finished playing, they can simply place the game back into its slot and then rotate the wheel to locate another game. The Game Chamber comes with special labels for children to easily identify their games and to prevent children from losing or damaging their games.

The Game Chamber, which conveniently fits in the palm of a child's hand, is made in the United States of durable plastic and is available in blue, pink and silver. Currently available for use with the Nintendo DS® and Nintendo DS Lite®, The Game Chamber retails for $19.95 and is available online at,,,,,,,, in Virgin Atlantic, Play N Trade, Red Lion Interactive, Innex Inc., Hot Products – As Seen on TV, JR Music, Here Everything's Better, Entertainment Outlet and Denny's Children's Ware stores and sold through Taylor Gifts, Ltd Commodities, Jack Of All Games and specialty retailers nationwide.

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Daze Products, Inc. is a leading provider of organizational products for the interactive audio/video gaming industry. The company's mission is to create innovative solutions that make a difference in people's lives by simultaneously protecting their investment while organizing their media.

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