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From Animals with Recognition Technology to Interest-Bearing Investment Toys Discovery Kids Sets Out To Teach the Kids of Today, Not Yesterday

Discovery Kids MALIBU, CA – February 17, 2008 – JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK) launches a new line of products based on the Discovery Kids® brand and values, set to inspire children to learn about, and interact with, the world around them. The JAKKS™ Discovery Kids line, which is expected to be available for Fall 2008, will encourage kids to explore animals and nature, learn about science and technology, develop essential life skills and expand their creativity in fun, meaningful ways.

“Both parents and children will love Discovery Kids products from JAKKS!” said Michael Bernstein, Senior Vice-President of Boys Action Toys, JAKKS Pacific. “Parents inherently trust the Discovery Kids brand, and all the items in the line will have an educational aspect built in. We think kids will also love our Discovery Kids toys because they are interactive, innovative and fun! Our goal is to make learning an integral and natural part of play to show children how fascinating the world truly is!”

The Discovery Kids product line from JAKKS focuses on four segments – nature, science and technology, life skills, and creativity. In addition, JAKKS has set a goal to incorporate all packaging into the product play-pattern, in an effort to be more environmentally responsible. For example, some of the packages fold out to form diorama playsets, while others have pop-out, collectible information cards and other fun applications.

“We are very excited about these offerings from the JAKKS’ Discovery Kids toy line,” said Discovery Commerce President and General Manager, Patrick Gates. “These toys complement the programming on the Discovery Kids network, and tap into kids’ natural desire to learn and know more, to explore new things, and, most important, to have fun.”

Animals and Nature

    The Discovery Kids Smart Animals™ line offers an interactive way to let kids learn about their favorite animals! Each 3” animal figure features a hidden barcode that can be scanned by the electronic Discovery Kids Smart Animal Scanopedia™ to unlock unique sound effects, facts about that animal and even fun quiz questions! The handheld Smart Animal Scanopedia holds information for over 200 animals and includes a bonus booklet full of scannable images, interactive maps, games and other activities to help children learn about animals. JAKKS is also offering a line of Deluxe Smart Animals™ that are fully articulated, 5”–10” animal figures with push-button sound effects and scannable barcodes. The deluxe figures also come with a collectible Chip that can be used with the Scanopedia, a bonus companion animal and a themed accessory item. Ages 3+, Suggested Retail Price $29.99 for Scanopedia & $4.99 – $12.99 for Smart Animal figure packs sold separately.

    It’s alive! The Smart Animal Green Scenes™ are real living playset environments for the 3” Smart Animals with embedded mini gardens that grow seeds into real living grass and plants! Simply add water and plants grow in as fast as 3 days. All Green Scenes environments also connect to each other to expand into bigger worlds. Ages 3+, Suggested Retail Price $17.99

Science and Technology
    JAKKS makes science and technology fun and easy with a line of science toys that are kid-friendly and engaging. The Discovery Kids 2- in-1 Microscope™ works as a handheld magnifier outdoors and as a traditional microscope indoors with easy-to-use no mess Snap Slides™ that contain real artifacts and specimens. The 2-in-1 Microscope features multiple magnifications ranging from 15X for outdoor use to 200X for indoor viewing at higher magnifications. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $29.99

    Kids can examine microscopic worlds in extraordinary detail and view them right on the TV screen with the Discovery Kids TV Microscope™. The high-powered, battery-operated microscope plugs into the A/V jack of any standard TV to share amazing discoveries with friends, classmates and family. The adjustable base fits small slides as well as large 3D objects, and the multi-zoom lens features 100X, 200X and 300X magnification. Easy-to-use Snap Slides are also included with each TV Microscope and are pre-loaded with real specimens. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $59.99

    The Discovery Kids Binotech® Telescope is an innovative binocular-telescope that makes it easy for kids to view landmarks or birds flying high at great magnifications. The hybrid design of the Binotech Telescope combines the high performance of a kid telescope with the comfortable viewing of binoculars by using soft, adjustable eyepieces. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $69.99

Life Skills
    The JAKKS Discovery Kids “Life Skills” themed products touch upon the relevant topics of today and encourage children to develop good habits. The Discovery Kids Investing ATM™ makes saving money fun and encourages kids to grow their personal wealth! First, the Investing ATM can be personalized by programming the child’s name and unique PIN code. Parents can sign a contract with their child to pay a percentage of interest for every amount saved and then program it into the Investing ATM to keep track of total savings and interest accrued! All amounts are displayed on the LCD screen so that kids can literally watch their savings grow! The Investing ATM reminds kids to deposit their savings with alarm sounds and flashing lights and it actually talks back! Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $39.99

    Kids can also watch their savings grow with the Discovery Kids Expand-A-Bank™ that actually expands vertically as kids add coins! The Expand-A-Bank also keeps track of all coins stored in addition to the total amount so that kids can play fun guessing games! The LCD screen displays total savings and flashing LED lights reward kids when they make deposits. The Expand-A-Bank encourages kids to save money in a fun and interactive way! Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $12.99

    JAKKS pushes the boundaries of kids’ imaginations with the Discovery Kids Gooey Creation Station. This ultimate slime lab lets kids customize ooey gooey compounds with a multi-speed mixer and fusion chamber to add colors, scents, particles, glow-in-dark and even color changing goo! There are also fun ways to play with accessories including syringes, tubes and more. Kids can learn about the science of slime, solutions and viscosities while making their compound slimy, sticky, thick or squishy! Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $39.99
JAKKS plans to sell its Discovery Kids line for the first time at major mass market retailers and expects to ship the line to retail for Fall 2008.

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