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Play Along® and Disney Introduce The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian toy line based on the upcoming film by Walt Disney Pictures

Narnia Deerfield Beach, FL – February 17, 2008 – The timeless and fascinating Narnia series has been capturing fans and collectors for over 50 years, and this May, Walt Disney Pictures is bringing the world of Narnia back to the big screen with the release of the The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian™. Play Along®, a division of JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq:JAKK), and Disney Consumer Products will be unveiling their new toy line based on the feature film at the 2008 American International Toy Fair.

The Prince Caspian toy line, which is expected to be available at retail in April, empowers kids to relive the action-packed scenes from the film and imagine they are part of the magical world of Narnia, rich with talking animals and mythical creatures. The line includes highly-detailed action figures and playsets, as well as realistic role play items.

“We are thrilled to be working with Disney, the leader in family entertainment, particularly on such a timeless and captivating epic,” said Tom Delaney, SVP of Marketing, Play Along. “The Chronicles of Narnia captures children’s imaginations and inspires fantasy role-play, and we look forward to translating the new feature film into an exciting and multi-faceted product line.”

In the 3.75” scale, the Prince Caspian Action Figures are highly-detailed and have authentic battle action features representing how each character actually battles in the movie. The Fauns have spring-loaded kicking action, the Centaur swings his broadsword diagonally across his body, and King Peter swings his sword and jabs his shield just like he does in battle. There are over 25 different heroes, villains and cool creatures in the line for kids to collect and use to imagine they are part of the magical world of Narnia! Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $6.99 - $14.99

The Narnia action figures can be used to recreate the battle scenes from the movie with the Deluxe Castle Playset. With over 15 action features, lights and sounds, authentic detail and deco, over 2 feet of vertical play and 360 degree play value, this playset creates the ultimate Narnia adventure. Kids re-enact battle on the dueling discs, fall through trap doors, navigate over collapsing bridges, survive the dungeon, escape through the secret elevator and help Caspian reclaim his throne. Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $59.99

Kids can even pretend to “become” their favorite Narnia characters with The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Narnia Battle Armor. The action-packed Gauntlet Crossbow fires foam arrows, and the detailed Helmet and Dagger will have kids feeling just like King Peter as they defend the world of Narnia. Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $9.99

When it’s time to battle to save the kingdom, they’ll need The Chronicles of Narnia Swords of Narnia. With three styles to choose from – King Peter, Prince Caspian or the Evil King Miraz – each sword features authentic details from that character’s sword in the movie. During battle play, real sword slashing battle sounds can be heard! Ages 4+, Suggested Retail Price $9.99

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Toy News

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About The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian is based on the classic novel series by C.S. Lewis and will be the second story in the series to become a major motion picture, following the 2005 release of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Prince Caspian follows the Pevensie children – Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy – as they are summoned back to Narnia to help Caspian rescue the kingdom from his evil uncle’s rule and restore magic to the glorious land of Narnia. The live-action and computer graphic imagery film is being directed by Andrew Adamson (Shrek, Shrek 2) and stars many of the same cast members who brought The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to life.

About Play Along
Play Along®, a division of JAKKS Pacific, Inc., is the award-winning toy company behind some of the most recognizable and popular children’s toy licenses in the world, including classics like Cabbage Patch Kids® and Care Bears®, as well as new favorites like Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana™ and The Cheetah Girls. In addition to traditional toy lines, Play Along also manufactures and markets Speed Stacks®, the official equipment of the World Sport Stacking Association. Play Along’s products are found at specialty, gift and major mass retailers worldwide. For more information about Play Along’s products, visit

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