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Merillian™ releases world’s first build-a-board game set

Flibbix™ New York (February 17, 2008) — Merillian today unveiled Flibbix, the exciting new game where players build their own board game, make their own rules, then play. It’s never the same twice, and is incredibly easy. Make a game board and rules in just a few minutes, so you’re up and running in a snap. Flibbix quickly draws players into the game with a mix of fun, craziness, creativity, and strategy—a one-of-a kind play experience that's unlike anything you've seen before.

Build it. Play it. Twice the fun. Flibbix provides two different types of play—building and game playing. Not only is building a game sure to get players smiling, but it lets them make a game that’s perfect for them. Of course, playing the game is tons of fun, too. Players can bring in their family or friends for an engaging game experience that’s truly their own.

So how does it work? First, make a game board using Flibbix’s innovative game board tiles. They snap together like magic so you can make a game any way you like. Tiles can be connected in almost any order, moved around, and even flipped over. Next, easily check off rules on a Flibbix Make your own Rules™ sheet. The rule sheet allows you to make rules just as personalized as your game board. Finally, choose which Flibbix Cards you’ll use during the game.

“Unlike many games today, which are always the same, Flibbix is new every time. With your own game board and custom rules, every game you make is unique and outrageously fun to play,” said Jason Ivan, CEO of Merillian. “It’s been exhilarating to see how Flibbix ignites creativity and excitement in players, especially kids, as they create their own game masterpiece—even for those who don’t normally play board games!”

Playing Flibbix is a blast. Race to the finish, but watch how wacky things get along the way. During game play, flip game board tiles over, swap them around, and even change the rules. Flibbix cards move players along the game board, change the board, protect players from other cards, or inspire fun interaction between players. Cards like “Zap!” and “Human Spinner” will really keep you on your toes. Every Flibbix game is different. What will yours be like? Flibbix is designed for ages 7 and up. It will retail for a suggested price of $39.99 and is now available for pre-order. Flibbix will ship in April 2008. Patent pending.

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About Merillian, LLC
The name Merillian comes from the words Million, Merry, and Millennium. Together it means "lots of fun for a really, really long time." This fits Merillian's mission perfectly: to make products for the whole family that provide instant fun and lasting enjoyment. Merillian’s products are entertaining, easy to use, have great replay value, and are built to last. Their flagship game, Flibbix, is the first-ever, build-a-board game set. Players can easily create their own board game, including their own game board, custom rules, and choice of cards. Unlike other board games that are static, Flibbix provides an almost unlimited amount of variations in how a game is built and played. Founded in 2006, Merillian is located in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle. For more information, visit