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The Goldberger Company Unveils Bath/Pool Toys that Light Up, Baby Dolls that Soothe Fussy Babies, and Pre-school Toys that Teach
Toys that Fill a Need to be Highlighted at The Goldberger Co.'s New York City Showroom During the February American International Toy Fair

New York, February 17, 2008– The Goldberger Company, a 92-year-old family-owned and operated toy company, and experts on children aged 0-3, unveiled its 2008 product line-up at a private press breakfast held at The Goldberger Co. showroom. The company will launch a new Waterwonders™ subbrand of bath and pool toys that "light up when they hit the water." In addition, taking a holistic approach to dolls that meet the needs of young children and their caregivers, The Goldberger Co. will be adding a Lavender Dreams™ subbrand to its line of baby dolls that "soothes, calms, and quiets with a lavender scent." They will also introduce electronic, pre-school learning toys under its Basic Training™ subbrand, which allows children to "play and learn all the basics with dolls and toys that teach."

"We at The Goldberger Company have always prided ourselves in being the experts on toys for children aged 0-3," says Jeff Holtzman, President and CEO, The Goldberger Co.

"Our new Waterwonders line of bath and pool toys is sure to be a hit with both children and parents," says Holtzman. "We created water toys that are not only interactive and fun, but they also are gentle enough for very young children. Waterwonders characters also have clever, strong personalities. Parents will surely smirk when they read about how Albert the Alligator wants to be president of his own handbag company."

Holtzman adds, "We are also really excited to be introducing our Lavender Dreams line of lavender scented baby dolls. From a pull-hat musical to glow in the dark stars, it's a fully realized line to promote sleep with the relaxing, calming aroma of lavender. We hope to give babies, young children, AND their caregivers plenty of restful nights."

"Our new electronic pre-school toys are an extension of our existing Basic Training doll line," explains Holtzman. "The Goldberger Co. is committed to creating products that help children learn and develop, it is only natural for us to leverage our expertise into the category of electronics."

2008 Product Highlights:

    Water Wonders™ Waterwonders™
    Lights Up When It Hits The Water!

      These adorable and fun water creatures have lights in different places that begin flashing instantly when submerged in water. Each character is individually named and comes with its own unique story. The mechanism is both waterproof and water-activated. It also features a self-shut-off to preserve battery life. They come in a try-me package so that the consumer can see the light-up effect on the shelf. Six creatures will debut in the master set and new characters will be introduced periodically. "Buy One, Collect Them All!" Ages 3+; available summer 2008; SRP: $9.99 ea.

      Albert the Alligator- Albert is ambitious. He wants to be president of his own handbag company. In the meantime, he uses the water as his fitness spa and he can exercise with you!

      Shelley the Turtle- Shelley is pretty, smart and talented and very shy. Be careful how you treat her, you don't want her to go back in her shell!

      Felicia the Fish- What can we say, Felicia is a flirt. There is always a fun party in the water with Felicia – and she wants to play with you!

      Sinbad the Shark- Sharks can be dashing and dangerous, and Sinbad is the most attractive shark in the water. Watch out, he can be a real challenge to catch!

      Fernando the Frog- Fernando counts everything: how many laughs you laugh, how many clouds in the sky and how many flies might make a good froggy dinner! How many times can you toss Fernando into the water?

      Otto the Octopus- Otto wants one more of everything. One more toy, one more treat, one more game in the water and one more hug. Maybe that's how he got so many arms!

    Lavender Dreams™ Lavender Dreams™
    Soothes, calms, and quiets with a lavender scent

      Slumbersong Baby™* – Pull baby's musical nightcap and hear a soothing lullaby. 12" incredibly soft and huggable baby has a soothing lavender scent which is known to naturally calm and relax fussy children. The musical pull-hat lullaby doll never needs batteries. Ages 0+; available fall 2008; SRP: $12.99

      MoonGlow Baby™* – The cuddly, sleepy doll with a pattern that softly glows in the dark. 13" baby has sleepy eyes and her patterned sleepwear is designed to retain a soft glow in the dark, as lights go low and eyes grow heavy. Her aroma-therapy fragrance is lavender based, designed to quiet and relax babies at bedtime. Machine washable. Ages 1+; available fall 2008; SRP: $12.99

      12" Dozie – Dozie is an incredibly soft newborn doll, with a vinyl face, life-like painted eyes and soft cloth hands. Baby has a soothing lavender/vanilla scent which is known to naturally calm and relax fussy children. Machine washable. Ages 0+; available fall 2008; SRP: $6.99

      12" Night Light Baby – This 12" soft doll can be baby's sleeping pal. Night Light Baby has vinyl arms & legs and an inviting lavender scent that calms and relaxes baby for a perfect night's sleep. She comes with her very own nightlight with replaceable batteries, blanket and bottle. Ages 18 months+; available fall 2008; SRP: $12.99

    Basic Training™ Basic Training™
    Play and Learn all the basics with dolls and toys that teach
      Fly Baby – This flashing activity plane also makes fun pilot sounds. Ages 6 months+; available fall 2008; SRP: $7.99

      Bee Bop – Music in the Key of a Bee! Explore and learn with stimulating flashing lights, bright jingle, funny sounds and musical notes. Ages 6 months +; available fall 2008; SRP: $12.99

      Crabbie – The musical alphabet learning toy. Discover letters, phonics, spelling, music, colors and names. This toy also has four game modes. Ages 2+; available fall 2008; SRP: $22.99

      Baby Cell Phone – Play and learn with colors and sounds. This toy is a cell phone and a rattle. Makes over four sounds, including those of an alarm, a picture snap, and a car, and even plays a song. Ages 6 months+; available fall 2008; SRP: $5.99

      Activity Phone – Play and learn with colors, numbers, symbols and shapes. The Activity Phone even allows them to draw. This toy helps develop the recognition of numbers, colors, shapes and motor skills and coordination for babies and young children." Comes with an easy carry handle. Ages 2+; available fall 2008; SRP: $17.99

      Read and Sing A Long Center – This 3-in-1 talking book plays music, has a microphone for children to sing along and even has a piano so children can play their own tunes. Children discover musical tones, songs, sounds and stories. Ages 2+; available fall 2008; SRP: $24.99

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About The Goldberger Company
The Goldberger Company, formerly The Goldberger Doll Mfg. Co., Inc., was founded in 1916 by Hungarian immigrant Eugene Goldberger and is one of the oldest doll companies in America. Realizing their insights, knowledge and commitment to children were broader than those met by dolls alone, The Goldberger Co. recently expanded its energies to creating playthings beyond the doll category.

By listening, interpreting and anticipating issues, concerns and needs, the company seeks to act as advocates for those parents, grandparents and caregivers who appreciate quality, safety, creativity and value in the products they bring into the lives of their young children.

All of Goldberger's dolls are phthalate-compliant and come with their signature "Love it for Life" lifetime guarantee. Throughout the years, Goldberger dolls have received countless national consumer awards and recognitions.

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