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LEGO® CITY Named Best Activity Toy of the Year

LEGO® CITY AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR, NEW YORK (February 16, 2008) – The LEGO Group's classic and iconic LEGO® CITY play theme received the prestigious Toy of the Year (T.O.T.Y.) Award for Best Activity Toy. The honor was bestowed at the Toy Industry Association (TIA)'s annual gala to celebrate the best and most innovative toys, held Saturday, February 16, at Pier 60/Chelsea Piers in New York.

Designed to inspire hours of endless build and play possibilities, LEGO CITY themes around everyday heroes recreate the familiarity of a child's town, packed with details and functional features, plus lots of minifigures, so kids can play hero and save the day for civilians. Iconic buildings, vehicles, aircraft and more make every year's portfolio an exciting and relevant classic, as well as a safe bet for gift givers.

"We are thrilled that the industry recognized the creativity, imagination and role play that LEGO CITY is designed to deliver," said Michael McNally, brand relations director for LEGO Systems. "We're always proud to see our classic play pattern maintaining such strong relevance for today's children, and we're particularly glad that our flagship line for celebrating the LEGO brand values of creativity, imagination and fun has been honored."

"T.O.T.Y. -- the industry's version of the Oscars – gives toy manufacturers the recognition they deserve for producing best-selling products," said Carter Keithley, President of the Toy Industry Association. "All of the winners, and all of the nominees, are truly the `best of the best.'"

The LEGO tradition of innovation has been recognized with nine T.O.T.Y. Awards since the program was established in 2000, including honors for BIONICLE®, LEGO Harry Potter™, LEGO Soccer, LEGO & Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set, CLIKITS™ and LEGO KNIGHTS' KINGDOM™ and LEGO Star Wars™ in categories of most innovative toy, best boys' toy and activity toy of the year.

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Toy News

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