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Power Rangers Answer the Call of the Jungle with Dynamic New “Jungle Fury” Toy Line
Wild Adventures Await Kids with Bandai America’s NewAnimal-Inspired Power Rangers Action Figures, Megazords and Active Role-Play Toys

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 17, 2008) – Roaring into its 16th consecutive year as one of the top-selling boys’ action figure brands, the Power Rangers are calling on some of Mother Nature’s fiercest animals and the skills of ancient martial arts in their wild new adventure, Power Rangers Jungle Fury. As the next generation of heroes has been chosen to defeat evil, Bandai America Inc. has heeded the call of the jungle to create a dynamic animal-inspired lineup featuring lots of collectibility and greater play value.

“Power Rangers is consistently a top-selling and popular licensed property since it reinvents itself yearly with new themes and adventures, yet maintains its core values of teamwork, honesty and good always defeating evil,” said Danielle Armbrust, senior marketing manager, Bandai America Inc. “Bandai has adapted its toy lines to appeal to Power Ranger fans, both young and old, by continuously offering them new ways to interact with the brand and play out the adventures on a larger scale at home.”

Power Rangers Jungle Fury is set to premiere on February 18th on Toon Disney’s JETIX action/adventure block, and will also air Saturdays on ABC Kids – with a total of 68 airings across multiple seasons each week. This perpetually popular boys’ franchise from Disney continues to be a major success due to Bandai America and Disney creating a seamless brand story that translates from the television series to retail. And with more than 200 million toys created since 1993, kids can collect, as well as play out the ultimate adventures as their favorite Power Ranger hero.

In the latest iteration of the Power Rangers’ story, three skilled members of the Kung Fu clan Pai Zhuq, or “Order of the Claw,” are selected to fight the villainous Dai Shi. The warriors are given the special gift of becoming the Jungle Fury Power Rangers, and are the Earth’s only hope to stop an army of evil animal spirits from overtaking the world. Throughout their journey, the Rangers are joined by other highly trained members of the Kung Fu clan to teach them important lessons and help them in their battle.

Bandai America’s Jungle Fury lineup debuted in January with animalized action figures, vehicles, Megazords and role-play toys, along with a newly designed Morpher that functions as wearable sun shades. Beginning in July, the Fall lineup takes the wild adventures to new dimensions with the:

  • Jungle Fury Mission Helmet – The popular Mega Mission Helmet returns in Fall 2008 to let kids become their favorite hero with this wearable Red Ranger helmet. Redesigned to look fiercer, kids and parents connect it to the home computer and download more than 50 role-playing adventures into it – with even more sound effects than before. With each audio training mission, kids are encouraged to get active and use their imagination, while the lights and sounds add to the dynamic fun.
  • Claw Cannon Air Blaster – This new role-play toy enables kids to harness the power of wind, just like the Rangers on the TV series. Kids can use the Cannon’s force to defeat the included evil space alien targets.
  • Megazords – Kids can combine three deluxe animal Zords to create one of the turbo-charged Megazords, each equipped with its own unique action. For instance, the Jungle Master Megazord’s Gorilla Zord can throw a powerful Thunder Punch and even use his spinning arms to walk across any flat surface.
  • Morphers – Kids can become a Jungle Fury Power Ranger hero with this cool gear, used in every episode by the team to morph into their Ranger form. The Rhino Morpher features a completely new dagger-shaped design, and offers realistic role-play action with shock-sensor activated sounds.
  • 5” Action Figures – The #1 selling product category offers four different assortments in 2008, including the Sound Fury and Savage Spin Rangers, as well as figures that come with an in-packed 8-page comic book. In the Fall, the new Jungle Master Rangers reflect the show’s “Power Up” energy mode and come with an exclusive collectible “Jungle Tag.” Kids plug the Jungle Tags into the back of each action figure to unlock that figure’s unique animal and Ranger sound effects.
  • 5” Limited Edition “Chase” Figures – In case adult Power Rangers fans are missing a key toy in their ultimate collection, and to help kids become future collectors, Bandai America is releasing limited edition action figures from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series. In the Spring, the Green Power Ranger and evil Lord Zedd will be available beginning March, while the Mighty Morphin’ White Power Ranger and Zeo Gold Ranger will be available in the Fall. With only 20,000 of each figure available, kids and collectors need to jump on these exclusive chase figures now, before they disappear forever into the Power Rangers vault.

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