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Extreme Action, Authentic Detailing, Nano Figures and Shark Jump Top the Line-Up

MXS® MOTOCROSS EXTREME MALIBU, CA – February 17, 2008 – Road Champs®, a division of JAKKS Pacific Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK) has dominated the motocross sports toys category for nearly a decade with its MXS® Xtreme Sports line, and the planned 2008 line-up will continue to crush the competition. With a focus on authenticity and performance, the new MXS products are based on top professional motocross riders, bike manufacturers and apparel brands. The line is developed and positioned to incorporate all relevant motorcross playpatterns and proven vehicle segments.

The JAKKS 2008 Road Champs MXS line is a one-stop brand destination for all extreme action motocross toys. Expected to launch this Spring 2008:

    MXS Basic SFX™ Bike & Rider
    The next generation of MXS bikes and riders are fully authentic and now with the added feature of real revving engine sound effects (SFX)! The rider figure has 14 points of articulation, removable helmet and rider accessories. JAKKS has signed the top licenses for riders, apparel and motorcycle manufacturers. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price: $7.99

    MXS PRO Stunt Rippers™
    Play and race like the pros by replicating real motocross extreme stunts with the MXS PRO Stunt Rippers. The poseable mini bikes and riders come with a motorcycle handleinspired launcher to mimic real life motocross stunts and speeds. The recoil-style pull handle lets you build up speed more revs = more speed = more distance! The ergonomic handle makes launching easy from any surface and the fully decorated bikes are self-balancing and can interchange with any figures in the line. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

    MXS Shark Jump Challenge™
    Jump the jaws of a Great White Shark and take your MXS Stunt PRO Rippers action to the next level! Rev up your PRO Stunt Ripper rider to jump over the mechanical, moving and chomping shark. Miss the jump and watch your rider get chomped on! The deluxe playset includes a launcher, bike and rider with accessories. All MXS PRO Stunt Ripper riders can be used with the Shark Jump Challenge along with most 1/64th scale cars. Requires 4 AA batteries. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

    MXS Nano
    MXS Nano toys are incredibly detailed, nano-sized bikes and riders that perform super tricks with MXS Stunt Stick™ accessories. The 1” collectible bikes and riders fit in the palm of your hands and feature extreme detail in the smallest scale, including real moving wheels. They come in a variety of styles and decorations and feature detachable, interchangeable riders which will appeal to any collector. The MXS Nano Stunt Stick has a quick, snap connection to any Nano bike and includes a cool hidden magnifier to zoom in on the incredible micro-sized details. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price: $5.99

    RC MXS
    The full-function large-scale RC MXS Bike and Rider is a great value! The detailed radio controlled bike and rider also feature a working gyro for stability control and easy dual-channel controller for cool stunts. The full function RC motorcycle goes forward, left and right. 4 AA batteries and 9V battery required. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

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