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Sababa Toys Introduces Bella Sara Product Line at Toy Fair 2008

Bella Sara Ca NEW YORK, NY (February 2008) -- Sababa Toys—a toy company known for making classic brands brand new, and new brands classic —is extremely excited to add the Bella Sara license to its broad range of popular games and toys. Debuting at Toy Fair 2008, Bella Sara represents everything girls love: from beautiful horses to friendship and sharing, all wrapped in a fantasy world of inspiration and wonder. Sababa's line of Bella Sara products brings this world to a whole new level! Bella Sara, a unique combination of collectible, horse-themed trading cards and a magical online world, launched less than a year ago and has seen tremendous success in the U.S., with over 40,000,000 cards sold to date, and over 1.6 million online registered users, and growing!

The first trading card program to capture the hearts and minds of girls everywhere, Bella Sara cards feature imaginative illustrations of horses inspired by both fantasy and nature, as well as inspiring, positive messages for little girls. Each Bella Sara horse-themed trading card has a unique code that unlocks the virtual horse featured on the card at This code activates a magical online world and a virtual playground that features horse grooming and nurturing, jumping and riding games, puzzles, coloring books, interactive storybooks and much more. Additionally, each card has a number of horse shoes on it to be used as a form of currency. When a girl accesses her account online, she can then use those horse shoe "points" to purchase items and personalize her online cottage. Now, Sababa Toys continues Bella Sara's unique online fun from the computer screen to girls' homes with an extensive line of collectible products, each with a Bella Sara card included in the purchase!

Products available for purchase include:

    Blind Pack Micro-Collectibles
    1 ½ collectible die-cast mini horses sold as "blind" boxes for an added element of surprise! These full color collectibles look like actual Bella Sara horses…a surprise in every box!

    Customizable Horse Figures
    Five-inch collectible, molded horse figurines that each girl can make her own by personalizing with stickers and tattoos (included). Each horse has long, silky, rooted hair and tails for enhanced hair play, and comes complete with its own unique brush. Fun to play with, and so pretty to look at!

    Stable Play Set
    This molded play set brings the Bella Sara stable from the virtual world into the real world. Each set comes with individual play pieces, such as basket of apples, bales of hay, brushes, a pitchfork and shovel, a Dutch door, and other items you'd find in a real stable! Each set complements customizable horse figurines so girls can play with their horses, pretend to feed them, and groom them just like they do on the Bella Sara website.

    An assortment of super soft plush beanie horses featuring the most popular Bella Sara horses around. Each plush horse will have a unique look with hair play features and plastic hooves.

    Plush Assortment
    An assortment of highly articulated plush for ultimate life-like poseability! Each plush horse will have its own unique look with hair play features and its own personal brush, and each comes with a value premium charm that can be collected and used as a backpack decoration!

    Deluxe plush
    The deluxe plush is animated and able to move its head, mane, tail, legs and other features. A USB connection provides a direct link from the website to the actual product in each girl's possession. Once connected, the Bella Sara website can activate special features in the product in addition to features that don't require a computer connection. Each Deluxe Plush includes an exclusive Bella Sara card that activated special features in Bella's stable online. When activated, the card provides each girl with access to an exclusive web area on the Bella Sara website where she can maintain a diary, play games, chat with friends, and more!

    Desk Top Friend Forever (DTFF)
    The ultimate computer companion, this animated Bella Sara horse becomes girls' best friend as they explore the Bella Sara website, nurturing the special friendship between girls and horses that is characteristic of the Bella Sara World. When connected to the computer through a USB cord, the Bella Sara Desk Top Friend moves her head and front leg.

    Deluxe Board game
    The Bella Sara Board Game captures elements from the Bella Sara World as it appears on the website. Beautifully stylized in classic Bella Sara Style, the board game comes with molded game pieces of the same quality and elegance as the rest of the line. Girls choose their favorite horse and engage in a magical trip around North of North, where they feed and from their horses, decorate their cottage by purchasing items at the bazaar, dress up their horses at Bella's Beauty Box, collect jewels, and more! Throughout the game, girls discover special messages that inspire them to do their best throughout their travels!

    Bella's Beauty Box: Activity Kit
    Girls can play for hours creating, painting, and customizing unique Bella Sara horses. This kit includes two separate molds, representing two sides of the horse, which snap together after girls give each five-inch horse its own mane and tail, paint it, and add "bling" for extra personalization! Horses in activity kit are compatible with Stable Play Set.

    A new version of an old favorite, Bella Sara Uno comes with 112 cards featuring a wide variety of horses from the different card series. This version comes complete with special cards and rules, packaged in a Bella Sara tin case.

Bella Sara trading cards have everything a young girl wants and needs: horses, beauty, friendship, nurturing and inspiration! Even better, every Bella Sara product will include collectible cards that can be activated online so girls can add horses to their online stables. All products will feature the most popular horses from the collection at the time of purchase, and each product will link to the Bella Sara website in its own unique way. The first wave of Sababa products will hit stores in August 2008, and includes micro collectibles, five-inch figures, play sets, plush, activities and more! Recommended for ages 7-12, for 2-10 players.

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